Goal 5

A highly productive organization that supports University mission and values

Theme 1: Improve departmental information pertaining to graduate study and graduate advising

  • Ensure that each department has a process for informing first year graduate students of faculty research interests and the process for selecting a research topic and supervisor
  • Encourage departments to include students in departmental governance
  • Develop Director of Graduate Studies Handbook and offer DGS training sessions
  • Provide information and assistance in developing mentoring skills to all new faculty

Theme 2: Improve efficiency and effectiveness of the Graduate College

  • Produce materials for review of the Graduate College during 1999-2000
  • Continue graduate degree recipient surveys and use results to improve services
  • Create full-time position for information officer
  • Reorganize/expand staff in order to support ETD options, Postdoctoral Education, etc.
  • Support participation of Graduate College staff in University development programs

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