External Grants and Fellowships

The Graduate College’s External Funding Services

Are you looking for funding to support your research, dissertation, travel, or other scholarly activities? The Graduate College’s External Funding Services can help! Unlike “internal” funding through the university or your department, “external” funding comes from foundations, private sponsors, or government agencies. External fellowships are offered by organizations such as the National Institutes of Health, The Social Science Research Council, The National Science Foundation, The Ford Foundation, The Carnegie Foundation, and the National Academy of Education, and many others. While competitive, external grants and fellowships offer recipients a variety of benefits:

  • Grant Writing Skills—Grant writing is an essential skill for your future as a scholar and researcher; the best way to learn is to apply.
  • Flexibility—Students who have received fellowships report more options with time, collaboration, and projects
  • Higher Graduate Rates—Students who have received fellowships often graduate earlier and have higher completion rates overall.
  • Prestige—Fellowships look great on your CV, and your experiences with them (successful or not) make great talking points during a job interview.
  • Networks—Networking resulting from external opportunities can place you in an elite group of “fellows” that may stay connected and collaborate over the course of their careers.

Please email grad-success@uiowa.edu or phone (319) 335-3597 for the following services:

Funding Consultation

Learn to conduct effective funding searches, to use the available databases, and to time-manage the funding search and application processes.

Funding Presentations

Attend a funding workshop or arrange for customized funding presentation for your graduate class or student group. Please specify in your email the department, location, date, number of students.

Proposal Review

Get detailed and comprehensive advice on your proposal drafts before you send them to the funder. Please email at least 7-10 days in advance of your revision deadline for an appointment.

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