Annual Report 2010

Women in Science and Engineering


The Women in Science and Engineering Program (WISE) strives to expand and improve educational and professional opportunities for women in all fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) by facilitating individual, institutional, and social change. The specific aims of WISE are to provide academic support, promote professional development, facilitate research opportunities, establish and maintain community outreach, and encourage global cooperation.

The WISE Undergraduate Peer Mentoring Program provides academic and social support for approximately 200 undergraduate women in STEM disciplines each year. Women who enter this program as incoming first-year students are retained in STEM majors through their fourth year of college at approximately twice the national average. The WISE Learning Community provides residential based community-building programs and academic and social support to 85 undergraduate women in the STEM disciplines each year.

The WISE Learning Community Outreach Program provides an opportunity for women to stay connected to their home schools (K-12) and extend their college experiences by giving back. They develop and deliver a presentation to high school students; sharing their knowledge of the college transition, acting as role models for younger women and men.