Annual Report 2010


The Neuroscience Ph.D. Program at The University of Iowa promotes interaction among faculty and students and fosters a collegial and collaborative environment for investigating the structure and function of the nervous system and its role in determining behavior. The program emphasizes a highly interdisciplinary orientation and is tied to the National Institute of Health's mission to foster improvements in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of nervous system disorders, and to develop knowledge in the basic sciences fundamental to this purpose. The neuroscience program is committed to training a diverse and highly expert workforce of neuroscientists who will assume leadership roles related to the nation's biomedical and behavioral research agenda.

Areas of study include molecular biology, developmental and cell biology, neuroimaging, experimental neuropsychology, and the cognitive sciences. The neuroscience community is poised for a quantum leap in the understanding of the biological substrates of phenomena that have provoked philosophical and scientific inquiry for millennia, including language, memory, emotional processing, social conduct, personality, decision making, planning, and judgment. New tools have continued to push the field forward by leaps and bounds, allowing all manner of stunning insights into the mechanisms of brain function.