Annual Report 2010

Graduate Council


The Graduate Council consists of the deans of the Graduate College, a rotating panel of 13 faculty members (11 collegiate representatives and two at-large representatives), and four graduate students chosen by the Graduate Student Senate.

Faculty members and graduate students serve three-year terms. Each spring, elections for new members are held in colleges with a retiring member, or in a campus-wide graduate faculty election for one of the two at-large members.

Though the Graduate Council has many duties, its primary purpose is to advise and assist the dean in the conduct of college business. Responsibilities include:

  • Serving as the executive committee of the graduate faculty.
  • Evaluating new and existing graduate programs and making revisions in programs, including nondepartmental and interdisciplinary programs, and making recommendations to the graduate faculty on new programs and on such aspects of curricula as will maintain uniform and effective educational policy.
  • Supervising the codification of rules and regulations of the faculty.
  • Conferring with the dean on matters of policy regarding the professional welfare of the faculty.
  • Noting outstanding graduate students by presenting awards or other forms of recognition, such as the Graduate Dean’s Distinguished Dissertation Award.

2009-2010 Graduate Council Members

Faculty members

  • Yi Li, Mathematics
  • Ching-Long Lin, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
  • Usha Mallik, Physics & Astronomy
  • M. Kathleen Clark, Nursing
  • Peter Mohler, Internal Medicine/Molecular Physiology & Biophysics
  • Laura Rigal (on leave), American Studies/English
  • Rex Honey, Geography
  • Susan Birrell, Health and Sports Studies
  • Deborah Cobb, Operative Denistry
  • William Doucette, Pharmacy
  • Jane Pendergast, Biostatistics
  • Alberto Segre, Computer Science/Public Health Genetics
  • Greg Stewart, Management & Operations
  • David Lohman, Psychological and Quantitative Foundations

Student Members

  • Kristina Rogers (GSS President), Chemistry
  • Johnathan Gajdos, German
  • Oksana Zagorodna, Free Radical & Radiation Biology
  • Alexandra Nica, Economics

Ex Officio Members

  • Dan Berkowitz, Graduate College
  • Heidi Arbisi-Kelm, Graduate College
  • Minnetta Gardinier, Graduate College
  • John Keller, Graduate College
  • Dale Wurster, Graduate College