Annual Report 2011

School of Urban and Regional Planning

URP students in Burlington

School of Urban and Regional Planning students in Burlington, Iowa.

The mission of the School of Urban and Regional Planning is to train students for careers in urban planning in government positions, private sector development and consulting firms, and in the growing non-profit sector as well as to conduct significant research on important issues and phenomena that characterize our cities, regions, and rural areas. For over 100 years, planners in the U.S. and abroad have used their skills and understanding of places and people to develop and implement plans designed to improve overall quality of life, primarily focused on land use, the environment, transportation, housing, community development, and economic development.

Joint degrees are offered with law, health management and policy, social work, civil and environmental engineering, and occupational and environmental health.

The program’s research mission is to develop and test ideas that will result in better and more sustainable communities and better planning processes. Program faculty are recognized for both their scholarship and teaching, while being engaged in the community.

There are typically 60 or more students in this two-year program that leads to an accredited degree in urban and regional planning. The program offers significant job placement assistance, including job and internship postings, resume and cover letter assistance, and a course in negotiating job offers. The program is led by ten graduate faculty members and about 10 adjunct faculty members.