Ballard and Seashore Dissertation Year Fellowships

Ballard and Seashore Fellowships are intended to help students in the social sciences and humanities complete their dissertations. This is a final year fellowship, for students who expect to graduate by the end of the Summer 2015 term.

Students must be nominated by their departments or programs with PDF documents uploaded here. Nominations will be accepted starting January 2014. Deadline for nominations is Monday, February 24, 2014.

Nomination Process

Because this is a final year fellowship, a student may be nominated only once, when there is a high likelihood of completion by the Summer 2015 term. The number of fellowships is limited and awards are highly competitive.

  • Successful dissertation completion by a department's previous Ballard Seashore fellowship recipients and with doctoral students in general will be closely considered in award decisions. Possible awards that can be received by a department will be reduced for each 2012-13 Ballard and Seashore Fellow who did not graduate by the Summer 2013 term.
  • Departments may nominate one student for every eight doctoral students admitted to candidacy (or major fraction thereof), up to a maximum of three students.
  • Recipients of the Presidential Graduate Fellowship or the Dean's Graduate Fellowship are not eligible for this award.

To be eligible, students must have successfully completed the comprehensive examination by the nomination deadline. Recipients may not hold other paid positions, except in unique situations that contribute substantially to the student's academic development — such positions must be approved by the Graduate College.

About the Award

Funds for three Ada Louisa Ballard Fellowships were initially bequeathed by the late Professor Clarence E. Cousins to honor his mother. Professor Cousins was a member of the Department of French and Italian for many years. The Graduate College awards these fellowships, along with twenty-seven Seashore Fellowships.

See the 2014-2015 fellowship recipients

The fellowship provides $20,000 for the academic year. The fellowship also provides two credit hours of tuition per semester (but not mandatory fees) and a health/dental insurance allowance. The fellowship no longer includes summer support.

If you plan on other forms of financial aid along with the Fellowship, please consult the Financial Aid Office regarding how the other support might be affected.

Nomination Requirements

Nominations must be made online and must include the following items as separate PDF files:

Student materials (single spaced, 12 pt. type, 1" margins):

  • A one-page abstract written to be understood by people in other fields of study. The abstract should address the purpose of the research, how the research will be carried out, and the value of the research to the student's field (do not include references).
  • A two-page document containing 1) a descriptive list of chapters and 2) a timetable for completion of the dissertation.
  • A one-page C.V. of the nominee's educational and professional experience, honors and awards, and publications.

Two letters of support:

  • One letter from the nominee's dissertation director that includes:
    • How long the student has been working on the Ph.D.
    • Confirmation the student will have successfully completed the comprehensive examination by the nomination deadline (February 24, 2014).
    • The student's qualifications for carrying out this research.
    • How much work has already been accomplished on the dissertation.
    • The value of the research topic to the specific field.
    • The likelihood that the degree will be completed by the end of the 2015 summer session at the latest.
  • One letter from a committee member or other faculty member familiar with the student's work.

Director of Graduate Studies letter:

  • A brief endorsement that assesses the student's academic progress, research potential and likelihood of completion during the fellowship year.
  • In the case of multiple nominations from a department, the DGS letter must rank the nominees. Likelihood of completion during the fellowship year should be a major part of this ranking.

Nominations must be uploaded here by the department or program with all materials prepared as PDF documents.

Deadline for nominations is February 24, 2014.

Questions concerning the Ballard Seashore Fellowship should be addressed to Associate Dean Dan Berkowitz (335-2136, ) or Kathy Klein Gerling ( , 335-3492).

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