Back that Thang Up!

Not my computer, but it's how I feel

I had planned on posting about juggling work, school, committees, and significant others when my computer got a virus and now all that has changed.

First, I want to say that I didn’t quite make my deadline from last week. I tried very hard, but it seems that writing a dissertation takes a while, even when you know what you want to say. I did make some of it, just not all. Things aren’t quite working out the way I had planned but I am quite flexible and always have schemes.

Ok, back to my computer.

My computer has been weird the last week or so. I would google a website, click on the link, and be taken to a completely different site. I’d hit the back button and then click on it again and all would be normal. I assumed that I’d done something to mess things up (as I am wont to do with electronics), but on Thursday I found out differently.

I was doing work on the UI network when it all just stopped. I was told that my access to the UI wifi had been suspended for “Administrative Reasons,” whatever that means. I tried calling the Help Desk but no one answered so I hooked into the network through the ethernet cable next to my desk. Within a fairly short amount of time, THAT stopped working as well. When I finally got a hold of ITS, they told me that I had a virus and that my HawkID was banned from the network until my computer was reformatted. Needless to say, I was annoyed. As I hinted at above, I’m pretty unlucky with computers. I’ve gone through numerous hard drives, monitors, laptops, etc. and I’ve reformatted my current laptop three times in the last year, this will be number four; this is the first time for a virus, though, so that’s good. Anyway, the last time I wiped it, I took my computer to ITS to get Microsoft Office and an anti-virus put on my computer. Turns out, they never installed the anti-virus. I’m a little annoyed about that too.

The moral of the story is that my information is backed up on an external hard drive, on a storage website, on two flash drives, and I’m having ITS back it up before they wipe the thing. While this may be a very annoying occurrence, it is not devastating. The photos of my documents are safe, my chapters and the notes for them are safe, the pictures of my travels are safe, everything is safe. When I found out that I had to wipe my computer, I didn’t have to freak out because I knew that all the important stuff is safe.

Back up your work regularly; you never know when something stupid, like a virus or a failed hard drive or a spilled beer or a thief or whatever, will happen.

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