Publications and Forms for Students

If the form you need is not listed here, please contact the Graduate College.

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Admissions Forms

For students changing degree objectives

Academic Registration Forms

Please use these forms to petition the new academic registration policy

Unofficial Combined Degree Letters

Students must complete the following steps in order to qualify for a combined degree program:

  1. Students must speak, about program admission, directly with the department for the degree (heretofore referred to as 2nd) they wish to add.
  2. After a student is admitted by the 2nd degree program, they must work with both programs to determine how much coursework will cross-credit and whether there are any tuition implications from adding the 2nd degree program.
  3. Next students should work with each department to complete and exchange agreement letters.
  4. Copies of these letters must also be sent to the Graduate College who will then work with the Registrar’s Office to officially add the new degree program to the student record.

Plan of Study Forms

For Master's Students

For Doctoral Students

To change a submitted Plan of Study

Examination Requests/Reports

For Master's Students

For Doctoral Students

Regarding Committee Formation

Post Comp

Certificate Administration

Funding Application/Award

Degree Completion

  • Graduation CheckLIST
  • Application for Graduate College Degree: Degree applications for all students are available on ISIS. Log in with your ID and password and click on "Student Records" on the ISIS Quick Menu.
  • All Ph.D. candidates complete the Online Survey of Earned Doctorates
  • All Ph.D candidates will be emailed an Exit Survey

Degree Application Cancellation

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