Presidential Graduate Research Fellowship


The Presidential Graduate Research Fellowship program provides an outstanding recruiting package including a stipend, tuition, and generous health insurance allowance. Presidential Graduate Research Fellows receive support for five years.

  • The first year fellowship includes 10 hours/week of research experience with one or two different mentors each semester. The fourth year is designed for dissertation research.
  • Fellows are typically appointed as teaching or research assistants by their departments during the second and third years of the Fellowship award period.
  • Fellows are eligible for the Fourth Year Post-Comprehensive Research Fellowship if they have passed the comprehensive examination.
  • Summers are service-free for up to four years.
  • A final year fellowship is possible through the competitive Ballard Seashore Dissertation Year Fellowship. Fellows who are not awarded the Ballard Seashore Fellowship will be supported by their department with an RA, TA or fellowship.

This year's program retains the changes implemented last year. Fellows entering before Fall 2012 will follow the program described in their offer letter. As in the past, international students may still be nominated.

Nominations for the Presidential Graduate Research Fellowship are closed.

Program details include:

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