Professional Development Seminars & Workshops

The Network professional development series offers opportunities for all graduate students and postdoctoral research scholars to extend their professional networks across campus. We have partnered with experts across campus for the ongoing series of seminars and workshops devoted to career development.

Professional development partners across campus include:

The Center for Teaching (CFT) supports your efforts as a teaching Assistant at The University of Iowa. Their services are free, voluntary, and confidential, and include individual consultation, classroom observation, workshops, and faculty institutes. The CfT web site provides strategies for designing courses, teaching courses, and assessing student learning. Let us know how we can help enhance your teaching.

The Writing Center  (TWC) helps all in the University community improve their writing, including attitudes and self-confidence about writing. They offer services including semester long tutoring programs with weekly meetings, as needed single appointments, online tutoring, and online help with specific writing questions. To learn more about the Writing Center, click to find the Center hours and links to Center resources and handouts.

Network events are open to graduate students and postdoctoral scholars on a first come, first served basis. Register early using the links above. Seating is limited.

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