Thesis Publishing

Your thesis or dissertation will be published.

All information regarding UMI (University Microfilms International)/ProQuest's publishing agreement, publishing options, and publishing guides is available through the UMI ETD Administrator site.

Below is a list of University of Iowa Graduate College's policies and procedures that contradict with UMI/ProQuest information. If you have questions concerning Graduate College dissertation and thesis requirements, please contact Heidi Arbisi-Kelm, the Director of Academic Affairs.

In cases where ProQuest/UMI regulations conflict with those of the University of Iowa, the policies and specifications of the University will always take precedence.

Open Access Publishing

Students submitting an ETD (thesis or dissertation) must choose either Open Access or Traditional Publishing. The difference can be explained this way: When your ETD is released to The University of Iowa Library, it will be published online with no access restrictions. In effect, it will be available on the internet whether or not students chose Traditional Publishing or Open Access Publishing. It makes little sense, therefore, to pay ProQuest to release your ETD under an Open Access option, when that will be accomplished with no fee assessment through the university's library system.

However, if you elect Open Access Publishing, a one-time fee of $95 will be billed to your U-bill at the time of final deposit. This charge is in addition to the charges billed at first deposit, i.e., the thesis fee ($145) and publication fee ($10).

Doctoral Abstract

UMI has removed the 350-word limit on all doctoral abstracts. However, UMI's print indices still require limits of 350 words, and they will truncate abstracts that exceed that limit.


Students opt to embargo their thesis when they want to delay the release of their manuscript.

NOTE: as a public institution, UI is obliged to make thesis and dissertation research available. However, students may place a one or two-year embargo on their manuscript.

By submitting my first-deposit thesis or dissertation to the Graduate College, I am not making any decisions about later dissemination of my work. At the time of Final Deposit, I understand that I will be making the thesis or dissertation available to University Libraries for posting on the Iowa Digital Library. I understand also that it will be made available to ProQuest/UMI for electronic distribution according to more detailed instructions that I provide at the time of submission.

If any of the foregoing is unacceptable because you are preparing books, research articles, or patents, you may wish to consider asking the Graduate College for an embargo of your thesis or dissertation.

To be considered for an embargo, your thesis supervisor should write a letter to the Graduate College which outlines the circumstances of the request. This must be done at or before the final deposit deadline. If the request is approved, the Graduate College will retain the thesis/dissertation until the designated release date. Once the embargo has expired, the thesis/dissertation will be released to ProQuest/UMI and to the UI Libraries.

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