The University of Iowa

Poster Presentations 2009

1:00 - 1:30 pm Poster set up
1:30 - 3:00 pm Odd-number poster presentations
3:00 - 4:30 pm Even-number poster presentations
4:30 -5:00 pm Poster break down

Student Title Department Mentor
1 Adebambo, Diana The genetic association of matrix metalloproteinase 9 in preterm birth Pediatrics Murray, Jeffrey
2 Akubuiro, Ashley Fantasy as a factor of anxiety in close relationships along the age continuum Psychiatry Paradiso, Sergio
3 Alston, Myrissa The effect of oxygen tension on human skin keratinocyte proliferation Anatomy & Cell Biol Bickenbach, Jackie
4 Barnum, Kevin Interactions within the novel cullin3-KLHL15 E3 ubiquitin ligase complex Pharmacology Strack, Stefan
5 Baugh, Kaylene Shuttling of NIAM truncation mutants for functional analysis Pathology Janz, Siegfried
6 Beck, Emily Characterization of the gene regulatory network surrounding Tfap2 in neural crest induction Genetics Cornell, Rob
7 Belfi, Amy Factors influencing mate choice Neuroscience Tranel, Daniel
8 Bell, Chasity N. Functional analysis and treatment of self-injurious behavior exhibited by a young woman with autism Psychology Kopelman, Todd
9 Bernier, Tiffany Confirmation of high definition comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) with PCR Genetics Nagy, Peter
10 Berns, Kristina Effects of the deafness-causing I122V actin mutation on actin function Biochemistry Rubenstein, Peter
11 Berrios Nazario, Sheila Investigation of zoonotic Staphylococcus aureus on swine farms Epidemiology Smith, Tara
12 Bonilla-Pacheco, Veronica Is a specialized face-processing system necessary for the other-race effect to occur? Psychology Wasserman, Edward
13 Bratsch, Sara The antibody repertoire of bats: diversity of heavy chain variable region genes and evidence for somatic hypermutation Microbiology Butler, John
14 Bush-Lane, Latiche Adolescent sexual relationships with multiracial peers Sociology Campbell, Mary
15 Butcher, Alayna Characterization of Grb2 and SOS1 binding Immunology Houtman, Jon
16 Campbell, Jessica Molecular modeling of human red blood cells Biochemistry Elcock, Adrian
17 Candelaria-Lyons, Melissa Apoptosis and autophagy in prostate cancer following fenretinide treatment Pathology Knudson, Michael
18 Carter, Cameron Diet induced obesity in Sprague Dawley rats: effect on microvascular and neural function Internal Medicine Yorek, Mark
19 Chisholm, Christina Impact of complement on ability of campath (anti CD52 monoclonal antibody) to activate NK cells Internal Medicine Weiner, George
20 Claudio, Jennifer Optimizing the use of B lymphocytes in cellular vaccines Microbiology Bishop, Gail
21 Claudio Malave, Jose The effect of surgical removal of the ileal Peyer's patches on the histology numbers and the diversity of B cells in the MLN and JPP Microbiology Butler, John
22 Claytor, Quinnetta Social class and mental health: a descriptive analysis of socioeconomic status and mental health diagnoses among youth served by community mental health programs in Northeast Iowa Health Mngmnt & Policy Vaughn, Thomas
23 Dau, Phuong Hydrogen-bond directed synthesis of [2.2]paracyclophanes in the solid state Chemistry MacGillivray, Leonard
24 David, Jarrett Nanorobotics and HIV interaction Radiology Ni, Jun
25 Devbhandari, Sujan Upgrade: using a chimeric protein to study ubiquitin dependent protein trafficking Mol Physiol Biophys Piper, Robert
26 Diallo, Seme The effect of OCT4 expression on human skin keratinocytes proliferation Anatomy & Cell Biol Bickenbach, Jackie
27 Dieringer, Dana The role of IgG3 in mucosal immunity in isolator piglets and those lacking ileal Peyer's patches Microbiology Butler, John
28 Dixon, Pauline Performance stigmas: Michelle Obama Rhetoric Young, Vershawn
29 Dixon, Zsalanda Stability of chitosan polyelectrolyte complexes Pharmaceutics Salem, Aliasger
30 Dzakuma, Sena Stereoselective conjugate addition to N-enoyl imide chiral auxiliaries Med Nat Prod Chem Olivo, Horacio
31 Eagle, Whitby New mutation sheds light on HAMP domain function in Mcp6 in Myxococcus xanthus Microbiology Kirby, John
32 Eddy, Shannon Genetic variation and cognitive function in older adults Pharmacy Murry, Daryl
33 Einfeldt, Alex Qualitative and quantitative characterization of self-directed movements in premature infants Psychology Robinson, Scott
34 Eko, Kalyani Creating a pZC320 derivative plasmid that carries fimA-lacZY and fimZY Microbiology Jones, Bradley
35 Elgaali, Omer 3D modelling of microstructures Mechanical Eng Udaykumar, H.S.
36 Elliott, Eric Gon4l promotes B lymphopoiesis by regulating transcription downstream of IL-7 induced Stat5 phosphorylation Internal Medicine Colgan, John
37 Euerle, Terin Comparison of the mobility and morphological diameters of aerosolized monodisperse nanoparticles Occup & Environ Health O'Shaughnessy, Patrick
38 Ewoodzie, Kwesi Youth engagement in community organizations: issues of attracting and retaining youth Sociology Lovaglia, Michael
39 Fields, Daryl The characterization of zeolites for drug delivery Chemistry Larsen, Sarah
40 Fletcher, Elise Interactions of Herpes simplex virus type 1 envelopment proteins UL31 and UL34 Microbiology Roller, Richard
41 Freeman, Jasmine Stability of nanocrystalline NaY zeolite in aqueous solutions Chemistry Larsen, Sarah
42 Froehlig, John Effects of potassium chloride on calmodulin mutants defective in ion channel regulation Biochemistry Shea, Madeline
43 Garcia, Miriam High frequency water quality measurements in Clear Creek Civil & Environ Eng Just, Craig
44 Gibson, James The influence of olfactory input on sleeping neonatal rats Psychology Blumberg, Mark
45 Gomez, Ramon A study of phase variation of phosphorylcholine genes in Haemophilus influenzae 2019 strepR  Microbiology Apicella, Michael
46 Gonzalez, Katia Neural correlates of framing effects Neuroscience Tranel, Daniel
47 Greenwood, Rekesha Genetic and clinical correlates of parental bonding assessments in the Iowa adoption studies Psychiatry Philibert, Rob
48 Greve, Larisa Interactions between the novel cullin 3-KLHL15 E3 ubiquitin ligase complex and the B'beta subunit of PP2A Molecular & Cellular Biol Strack, Stefan
49 Griffith, Lindsay Influencing the CE separation of Parkinson's disease biomarkers with MUA functionalized gold nanoparticles Chemistry Haes, Amanda
50 Guan, Justin Use of inverse planning to minimize additional X-ray imaging dose for patient positioning in radiation therapy Radiation Oncology Flynn, Ryan
51 Hartjes, Katherine Expression of cellular splicing factors in T-cells during infection with HIV-1 Microbiology Stoltzfus, C. Martin
52 Hashmi, Asad Simplifying Pteridine Reductase 1 Purification Methods by use of MTX- Agarose Column Chemistry Kohen, Amnon
53 Hayne, Cassandra Enzyme regulation of calcineurin activated by mutant calmodulin Biochemistry Shea, Madeline
54 Henderson, Ernesto Investigations of the structure of Varicella virus particles in both cultures and humans Pediatrics Grose, Charles
55 Hoffer, Brandon The role of microRNAs in the progression of hepatic fibrosis Internal Medicine McCaffrey, Anton
56 Holland, Sharniece Multistability in visual perception: a mathematical approach Mathematics Curtu, Rodica
57 Howard, Alison Chemokine-modulation of voltage-gated potassium channels in mammalian brain neurons Pharmacology Mohapatra, Durga
58 Hu, Qingyang Condition-dependent dense modules in protein interaction networks Internal Medicine Tan, Kai
59 Hund, Zack Electromechanical properties of organic semiconductor nano-crystals with face-to-face stacked arrangements studied by single crystal conducting probe AFM Chemistry Tivanski, Alexei
60 Ibarra, Mayra Research for sustainability in the Iowa River watershed Urban & Regional Planning Throgmorton, James
61 Jareczek, Francis Ankyrin-G-based pathway for regulating cell adhesion in the heart Mol Physiol Biophys Mohler, Peter
62 Jean-Gilles, Esther Inhibition of the oxidase activity of flavin-dependent thymidylate synthase by the substrate CH2H4folate Chemistry Kohen, Amnon
63 Jennett, Brian A comparison of two different human embryonic kidney cell lines in the production of Ebola glycoprotein pseudotyped virions Microbiology Maury, Wendy
64 Jennings, Olga Polymers from biorenewable resources, furfural Chem & Biochem Eng Jessop, Julie
65 Jensen, Cortney Drosophila as a model for Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy Biochemistry Wallrath, Lori
66 Jimenez Torres, Bianca Homeschooling in Iowa: factors affecting parents' choices Psych Quant Foundations Ehly, Stewart
67 Johns, Anna The role of extracellular superoxide dismutase in human lung cancer cells Radiation Oncology Domann, Frederick
68 Johnson, Amber Reports of self-esteem among students with high functioning autism and Asperger syndrome Counseling Psychology Foley Nicpon, Megan
69 Johnson, Mallory The effect of fetal programming on vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation Pediatrics Volk, Ken
70 Jones, Ryessia Two identities, one body: examining the racial performance of Leanita McClain Rhetoric Young, Vershawn
71 Kasinathan, Sivakanthan Potential anti-inflammatory effects of botanically-derived compounds chrysin and hexafluoro-honokiol in a mouse model of rheumatoid arthritis Molecular & Cellular Biol Bishop, Gail
72 Kimbrough, Hank How to turn me on: activating the scrABC operon in Vibrio parahaemolyticus Microbiology McCarter, Linda
73 Kline, Jacob Functional studies of microRNA regulation Neuroscience Davidson, Beverly
74 Knapp, Jennifer FTIR studies of CO2 Chemistry Grassian, Vicki
75 Koehn, Jordan Synthesis of a novel intermediate of thymidylate biosynthesis Chemistry Kohen, Amnon
76 Krausman, Edward Constructing a point of use bleach generator Civil & Environ Eng Just, Craig
77 Kruckenberg, Megan Optimizing culture conditions for the generation of human regulatory dendritic cells Immunology Schlueter, Annette
78 Kruger, Travis The CSF1R gene is regulated by YY1 and Gon4l Immunology Colgan, John
79 Lane, Allison Vinculin in cell-cell adhesion Biochemistry DeMali, Kris
80 Laskina, Olga The effect of atmospheric processing on the cloud condensation nuclei activity of calcium mineral dust aerosol Chemistry Grassian, Vicki
81 Lawton, Cort Vinculin interactions with actin Biochemistry DeMali, Kris
82 Lentz, Robbie Iron dissolution in the marine environment Chemistry Grassian, Vicki
83 Li, Miller Transition metal phosphides synthesis chronicle Chemistry Gillan, Ed
84 Loaiza, Maritza Multiracial attitudes within primary and secondary relationships Sociology Campbell, Mary E.
85 Lucas, Kevin Making iconic photos into short historical videos History Poe, Marshall
86 Madinaveitia, Sofia Doing it their own way: TLR2 does not activate NFkappaB in human T cells Microbiology Houtman, Jon
87 Maldonado, Carmen Opioid analgesia and G proteins Pharmacology Hammond, Donna
88 Martin, Sterling Structural consequences of knock-out mutants of calmodulin Biochemistry Shea, Madeline
89 Martin, Gregory Valproic acid treatment of human glioma and thyroid carcinoma cells causes accumulation of hyperacetylated histones Radiation Oncology Domann, Frederick
90 McCoy, Stephanie Photopolymerized micro and nanopatterns to improve cochlear implants Chem & Biochem Eng Guymon, Allan
91 McCurdy, Sarah An intracellular domain that regulates the epithelial sodium channel ENaC Internal Medicine Snyder, Peter
92 Menning, Alex Detecting RPA subunit interactions with DNA substrates using fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) Biochemistry Wold, Marc
93 Miranda, Laura Illusion of control and confidence in children's and adults' predictions of uncertain outcomes Psychology Levin, Irwin
94 Mitchell, Keyon Qvr flies and motor skills: Drosophila and their ability to groove through a tube. Biology Wu, Chun Fang
95 Moore, Caitlin Gender differences and cognition in a sample of older adults with vascular disease Psychiatry Moser, David
96 Moore, Tyler Identification of ASIC subunit composition via RT-PCR Internal Medicine Benson, Chris
97 Murray, Ann Structure, function, and dynamics of a signaling domain in a GEF protein Biochemistry Fuentes, Ernesto
98 Musz, Lisa Consequences of figure-ground perception: attentional spreading and spatial resolution Psychology Vecera, Shaun
99 Neal, Spencer Female meiotic drive in Drosophila americana Biology McAllister, Bryant
100 see Nortey, Angelina I need help too: the mental needs of alternative high school students Psych Quant Foundations Gerken, Kathryn
101 Okyne, Elizabeth Enhancing cancer therapy by inhibiting hydrogen perioxide metabolism Radiation Oncology Spitz, Douglas
102 Pandey, Naresh Expression of nixA in E. coli for structural determination Biochemistry Khademi, Shahram
103 Pedersen, Rachelle The social and interpersonal domain of depression. Does age-of-onset and remission of symptoms matter? Neuroscience Paradiso, Sergio
104 Peters, Kevin Using bioluminescence imaging to study tumor progression in mouse models Immunology Janz, Siegfried
105 Quinones, Maria Neuronal activity of the primate prefrontal cortex during an auditory memory task Psychology Poremba, Amy
106 Raidoo, Renugan Applications of functionalized zeolites in PET Imaging Chemistry Larsen, Sarah
107 Ramsey, Latisha Do pigeons know what they know and behave accordingly? Psychology Wasserman, Edward
108 Richardson, Dorian The role of mena and PTEN in cancer cell motility and chemotaxis Biology Soll, David
109 Riesberg, Kasey Development and validation of a behavioral measure of romantic disengagement Psychology Lawrence, Erika
110 Riessen, Royce Molecular modeling of cytoplasmic proteins in Bacillus subtilis Biochemistry Elcock, Adrian
111 Rios-Doria, Eric Recruitment of eukaryotic polymerase eta to DNA damage Biochemistry Washington, Todd
112 Rodriguez Cardona, Javier Higher order theory of mind Neuroscience Tranel, Daniel
113 Ryken, Katherine Role of von Willebrand factor in atherosclerotic development Internal Medicine Motto, David
114 Salem, Kelley Localization of polymerase eta in G178S PCNA mutants Biochemistry Washington, Todd
115 Sanderson, Jennifer Screening Staphylococcus aureus transposon mutants for altered nuclease activity Microbiology Horswill, Alex
116 Sangster, Stephen A xenograft model of immunodeficiency in a T-cell specific SOD2 knock-out mouse Radiation Oncology Domann, Fredrick
117 Schlimmer, Danielle Analysis of quantitative PCR as a method to find genes correlated with Axenfeld-Rieger syndrome Genetics Fingert, John
118 Schwarz, Christopher The role of TRAIL in the T-cell response to influenza virus infections Immunology Griffith, Thomas
100 see Sconyers, Tajanette I need help too: the mental needs of alternative high school students Psych Quant Foundations Gerken, Kathryn
119 Serrano, Angelica Globalization and Latino musicians in mainstream American popular music: a lyrical analysis. Journalism & Mass Comm Eko, Leo
120 Shaffer, Tyler Benjamin Expression screening of urea channel in E. coli for structural determination Biochemistry - Khademi, Shahram
121 Sheehy, Ryan Effects of a novel bisphosphonate on isoprenoid biosynthesis in breast cancer cells Internal Medicine Hohl, Raymond
122 Sheriff, Ashley Reproducing criminology in detective fiction: Sherlock Holmes as a medium for biological determinism Cinema Comp Lit Creekmur, Corey
123 Shields, Bridget Phosphorylation of the eukaryotic initiation factor 2 alpha (eIF2a) promotes skeletal myofiber atrophy Internal Medicine Adams, Christopher
124 Sieg, Alex Genes regulated by the Ca/Calcineurin-dependent transcription factor NFAT in sensory neurons Pharmacology Usachev, Yuriy
125 Sitter, Nick Hall-effect sensors for insitu mussel-gape measurement IIHR-Hydrosci & Eng Kruger, Anton
126 Stewart, Jared The module theory of group representations Mathematics Camillo, Vic
127 Stoll, Crystal The importance of a mentor to Latino/a undergraduate success Teaching & Learning Colvin, Carolyn
128 Svatos, Elaine Multi-drug resistance inhibitors alter schweinfurthin activity in CNS cancer cells Internal Medicine Hohl, Raymond
129 Tang, Taryn Modification of nanoparticles for treatment of cystic fibrosis Pharmaceutics Salem, Aliasger
130 Tibbetts, Kelzee Engineering of an RPA4-like protein in yeast Biochemistry Wold, Marc
131 Torres, Sandra Characterization of a new bacterial cell division protein (DamX) through domain swapping Microbiology Weiss, David
132 Torres, Yesenia Age of onset and long term cognitive outcome Neurology Anderson, Steven
133 Tran, Nghia Condition monitoring and fault detection system in the wind turbine Industrial Eng Kusiak, Andrew
134 Turner, Jaleisa Effects of pulmonary virus co-infection on virus specific CD8 T-cell immunity Pathology Legge, Kevin
135 Turney, Indira Mate selection Sociology Lovaglia, Michael
136 Tyree, Keyana Examing the impact of TLR-9 mice on anti-tumor immune responses Pharmaceutics Salem, Aliasger
137 Ugwu, Chinagozi Testing the interaction between the cannibalism regulators SdpI and SdpR Microbiology Ellermeier, Craig
138 Vandeventer, Lauren A genetic screen to identify new alleles of a Drosophila insulator protein, CP190 Biochemistry Geyer, Pamela
139 Verma, Rajiv Are medical students learning what faculty members are trying to teach? Surgery Hagen, Susan
140 Villard, Aimee Investigating calcium-regulated gene expression in Vibrio parahaemolyticus Microbiology McCarter, Linda
141 Walder, Kathryn Effects of decreased pH on MAP kinase expression in fibroblast-like synoviocytes Phys Ther Rehab Sci Sluka, Kathleen
142 White, Neja In vitro evaluation of gallium-68 labeled neuropeptide Y analogs for imaging neuroblastoma in children Radiation Oncology Schultz, Michael
143 Whitman, Martin Interactions of calmodulin with the IQ motif of the voltage-dependent sodium channel NaV1.2 Biochemistry Shea, Madeline
144 Williams, Whitney Retention of a newly learned visuomotor adaptation Phys Ther Rehab Sci Morton, Susanne
145 Wilson, Jasmine Development of empirically-based assessment tools for caregivers of individuals with Alzheimer's disease Social Work Sanders, Sara
146 Wooster, Elizabeth Mutational characterization of heat shock protein 70 and its effect on CD4 gene regulation Molecular & Cellular Biol Stapleton, Jack
147 Dornfeld, Jarrod Utilizing Amazon's EC2 service to streamline medical image processing Biomedical Engineering Reinhardt, Joseph