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Poster Presentations 2018

Even-numbered boards present 1:30-3:00 p.m.
Odd-numbered boards present 3:00-4:30 p.m.

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Poster Student Title Department Mentor
1 Ali Ali Analysis of Leishmania and Crithidia growth patterns in vitro: determining conditions needed to utilize a CRISPR/Cas9 system for protozoan research in a BSL1 environment FUTURE - Microbiology Mary Wilson
2 Vanessa Alizo Vera Self-administration of highly palatable food with a rat model LSAMP - Neuroscience Ryan LaLumiere
3 Benjamin Allington Skeletal muscle DRP1 deficiency attenuates weight gain in mice ICRU - Internal Medicine Marcelo Correia
4 Brenda Arvizu Antigen response in mouse models of sleep apnea and multiple myeloma SROP - Immunology Melissa Bates
5 Mariam Ayantola Examination of regulatory T cells in murine alopecia areata IDGP - Immunology Ali Jabbari
6 Jenna Bemiss Innate immune response of keratinocytes to Ebolavirus entry REU - Microbiology Wendy Maury
7 Kaed Benski Magnetite nanoparticle/PDMS composite coatings for thermal biofilm mitigation NNI - Chem & Biochem Eng Eric Nuxoll
8 Angela Benton Identifying neural crest enhancers ICRU - Anatomy & Cell Biol Robert Cornell
9 David Berger Investigating migraine-like photophobia after traumatic brain Injury SUMR - Molec Physiol & Biophys Andrew Russo
10 Krista Bergquist Detergent based screening to discover components of the mitochondrial pyruvate carrier complex BSURF Eric Taylor
11 Isaac Bodemann Plasmon enabled CO2-to-fuel conversion systems NNI - Chem & Biochem Eng Syed Mubeen
12 Ruayda Bouls TIM-1 enhances EBOV GP-mediated viral load and pathogenesis SUMR - Immunology Wendy Maury
13 Samantha Bral Optogenetic inactivation of the amgydala central nucleus prior to CS onset in rodent eyeblink conditioning Neuroscience Sean Farley
14 Courtney Brea Mechanical properties of crystalline solids NNI - Chemisty Thiranjeewa Lansakara
15 Brady Bresnahan Development of functionalized polymer nanofiber composites for the capture and detection of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances NNI - Civil & Environ Eng Matthew Nagorzanski
16 Julissa Burgos Fishing for new regulators of the enterotoxin gene cluster in Staphylococcus aureus REU - Microbiology Wilmara Salgado-Pabon
17 Aimee Butler Disulfiram and copper with standard of care therapies increases small cell lung cancer toxicity ICRU - Free Radical & Radiation Biology Melissa Fath
18 Hannah Carter IgE receptor expression on antigen presenting cells in skin of patients with bullous pemphigoid IDGP - Immunology Kelly Messingham
19 Nicole Carver From psychology to physical therapy: a transformative experience applying research principles across disciplines with electromyography and eye-tracking FUTURE - Phys Ther & Rehab Sci Richard Shields
20 Diana Castaneda MicroRNA-204 knockout in human umbilical vein endothelial cells using CRISPR-Cas9 Iowa CURE- Internal Medicine Kaikobad Irani
21 Romilia Castillo Effect of palmitate in the expression of autophagy-related proteins LSAMP - Health & Human Physiol Young Doo Koo
22 Alexander Cavender Sex, love, and God:seeking understanding and commonality within the church's homosexuality debate SROP - Religious Studies Diana Cates
23 Kristin Chesnutt Structural/conformational investigations into the C-terminal tail of histone variant H2A.W6 involved in heterochromatin compaction in Arabidopsis thaliana SROP - Biochemistry Catherine Musselman
24 Jesse Cochran Reducing hypoxia inducible factor 1 alpha expression ameliorates cardiac dysfunction in mitochondrial pyruvate carrier 1 deficient hearts SUMR - Molecular Medicine Dale Abel
25 Margaret Cockerell Quantifying the mixing states of phase separated particles of sea spray aerosols CAISE - Chemistry Hansol Lee
26 Daniel Cole Pigeons precrastinate when presented with identical options SROP - Psychology Edward Wasserman
27 Greg Collins Inducible deletion of OPA1 causes heart failure and ER stress Molecular Medicine Dale Abel
28 Kendall Cornick Optimization of RNA-Seq analysis for low-input archived FFPE tissue to discover the genetic changes associated with the transformation of benign plexiform neurofibromas to malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors in individuals with NF-1 IDGP - Genetics Benjamin Darbro
29 Nikita Daly Genetic interactions of Candida albicans transcription factors with virulence phenotypes IDGP - Molecular Medicine Damian Krysan
30 Juliana Danesi Ruiz Analyzing factors that affect the depth of field in digital images Mechanical & Industrial Eng Geb Thomas
31 Melinda Dang Housing and food (in)security: analyzing first-generation college student experiences at the University of Iowa SROP - Sociology Jessica Welburn Paige
32 Lauren Davis Effects of biological factors on the expression of arginine vasopressin receptors ICRU - Obstetrics & Gynecology Donna Santillan
33 Starr Davis Does a growthmindset affect black students' academic achievement in the Iowa City Community School District? SROP - Sociology Sarah Bruch
34 Starr Davis Can teacher diversity help close the racial achievement and disciplinary gaps in the Iowa City Community School District? SROP - Sociology Sarah Bruch
35 Clarissa Dietz Sol-gel films for biosensors: process development and characterization of morphology and optical properties ICRU - Electrical & Computer Eng Fatima Toor
36 Bintou Doumbia Determining the affinity and activity of novel glucocorticoids BSURF Dr. Pufall Miles
37 Logan Drake Evaluating the effectiveness of an implicit bias training program in the Iowa City Community School District Sociology Sarah Bruch
38 Olivia Driessen Comparison of sorptive behavior of chloroacetamide herbicides and dichloroacetamide safeners in various soil types SROP - Civil & Environ Eng David Cwiertny
39 Amanda Duplan Optimizing overexpression of the PETase enzyme and development of a high-throughput assay to detect plastic degradation FUTURE - Biochemistry Miles Pufall
40 Victoria Enoila Cell starvation leads to decrease in size of PC-3E exosomes HCCC - Physiology Michael Henry
41 Maya Evans Investigating protein and transcript variants of Akirin2, a gene critical for mammalian development IDGP - Neuroscience Joshua Weiner
42 Ugonna Ezeanya Determine intracellular localization of inducible nitric oxide synthase in the context of inflammation. Iowa CURE - Anatomy & Cell Biol Ling Yang
43 Zhiting Feng Boronic ester coordination enables a single-crystal-to-single-crystal transformation of a [2+2] photodimerization ICRU - Chemistry Leonard MacGillivray
44 William Fuelberth The black hole as pure geometry Physics& Astronomy Vincent Rodgers
45 Lander Geadelmann Constructs overexpressing the WUSCHEL gene in the fern Ceratopteris IBA - Integrated Biology Chi-lien Cheng
46 Yerika Germosen Emotional and cognitive intelligence and value-based decision-making in patients with focal brain damage SROP - Psychology Daniel Tranel
47 Taha Gesalla Purkinje cell-specific ablation of CREB increases alcohol-induced neuronal losses in the cerebellum SUMR - Neuroscience Daniel Bonthius
48 Paul Goetzman II The impacts of restorative practices in the Iowa City Community School District Sociology Sarah Bruch
49 Gil Gonzalez Microneedle skin delivery of medical drugs using microemulsions NNI - Chem & Biochem Eng Jennifer Fiegel, Nicole Brogden
50 Anna Greenwood Studies on protein aggregates in the nucleus of Xenopus laevis oocytes BSURF Daniel Weeks
51 Jessie Griffith Transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa type III secretion system REU - Microbiology Timothy Yahr
52 Brian Gu The AT-like hook enhances CBX8 chromodomain interaction with DNA and nucleosomes Biochemistry Catherine Musselman
53 Olivia Haider Plasmon resonance of copper nanoparticles for increased sensitivity in silicon nanowire-based biosensors NNI - Electrical & Computer Eng Wenqi Duan
54 Aaron Henderson Predicting and validating 3D structures of very large RNAs from sequence Biochemistry Adrian Elcock
55 Rainy Herakovich The Role of MSH2 in epigenetic control of immune checkpoint ligands IDGP - Immunology Weizhou Zhang
56 Sarah Hoadley The effect of PVA concentration changes on size, zeta potential, and loading capabilities of PLGA nanoparticles ICRU - Pharmacy Aliasger Salem
57 Jennet Hojanazarova An in vitro assay to identify polymorphisms that directly influence risk for non-syndromic orofacial clefting FUTURE - Anatomy & Cell Biol Robert Cornell
58 Gabriella Holmes Inhibition of CAMKII in the mitochondria of vascular smooth muscles protects against dysfunction of diabetes IDGP - Molecular Medicine Isabella Grumbach
59 Emmanuela Ikechukwu A mixed-method approach for fidelity monitoring in oncology associated symptoms and individualized strategies (OASIS). PaCaSRT - Nursing Stephanie Gilbertson-White
60 Raghuram Inturi Selective induction of metabolic oxidative stress in cancer cells via targeting of NAD(P)(H) metabolism IDGP - Free Radical & Radiation Biology Douglas Spitz
61 Kyle Jackson Mitoregulin: a "lncRNA"-encoded microprotein that regulates diverse mitochondrial functions IDGP - Molecular Medicine Ryan Boudreau
62 Stephanie Jackson Chitosan-pDNA nanoparticles used for targeting macrophages and dendritic cells for gene therapy NNI - Pharma Sci & Exper Thr Juliana Quarterman
63 Tyler Jackson Genetic instability resulting from break induced replication passage through inverted DNA repeats Integrated Biology Anna Malkova
64 Camille Jaime Role of HLA class II polymorphism in determination of gut microbial flora IBA - Pathology Ashutosh Mangalam
65 Nina Jocic Protein-nucleic acid interactions in homologous recombination BSURF Maria Spies
66 Dava Johnson Dynamic light scatteringof extracellular nanoparticles recovered from cultures of Neisseria meningitidis serogroup B IDGP - Human Toxicology Jerrold Weiss
67 Emily Johnson An investigation of cognitive plasticity in aging IDGP - Neuroscience Michelle Voss
68 Zane Johnson Modifying an existing wire navigation simulator to be applied to iliosacral wire navigation Mechanical & Industrial Eng Geb Thomas
69 Srishti Kala RAD52 inhibitors for personalized cancer therapy in BRCA1 and 2 negative tumor cells PaCaSRT - Biochemistry Maria Spies
10 Vijayvardhan Kamalumpundi Detergent based screening to discover components of the mitochondrial pyruvate carrier complex ICRU - Biochemistry Lalita Oonthonpan
70 Leo Kazma OPA-1-CHCHD3-mitofilin complex is important for maintaining crista integrity and mitochondrial function during insulin mediated fusion Internal Medicine Antentor Hinton
71 Galyna Khramova Characterization of F69A formate dehydrogenase SROP - Chemistry Christopher Cheatum
72 Christopher Kim Comparative analysis of NAD metabolome in 2000 calorie diets SUMR - Biochemistry Charles Brenner
48 Conrad Kim The impacts of restorative practices in the Iowa City Community School District ICRU -Sociology Sarah Bruch
73 Samuel Kitzman Barrier to autointegration factor plays a key role in regulating stem cell homeostasis ICRU - Biochemistry Pamela Geyer
74 Jessica Knobbe Sex and fat determine the phenotype in sterile murine osteomyelitis SUMR - Pediatrics Polly Ferguson
75 Ansley Kunnath Subcortical TMRI abnormalities in juvenile onset Huntington’s disease SUMR - Neuroscience Peggy Nopoulos
76 Virginia Lamas Meza Impact analysis of divalent cations on marine-relevant polysaccharides and their selective transfer to the sea surface microlayer SROP - Chemistry Elizabeth Stone
77 Evan Lamb Cell-cell communication in marine bacteria IBA - Microbiology Linda McCarter
78 Rikki Laser Divisions of somatosensory cortex in a mouse model of autism IBA - Psychology Mark Blumberg
79 Amelia Lauth Discovering therapeutic resistance mechanisms in BRAFV600E melanoma using Sleeping Beauty IDGP - Genetics Adam Dupuy
80 Shantae Lewis Stimulation of the NLRP3 inflammasome of isolated B-cells SUMR - Immunology Matthew Yorek
81 Jasmine Ling Sleep duration and brain volume in people with heart failure Nursing Chooza Moon
82 Andrew Linkletter Bioengineering Leishmania to knock-down major surface protease expression utilizing CRISPR/Cas9 techniques FUTURE - Microbiology Mary Wilson
83 Suram Liyanage Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) analysis of human and animal soft tissue sarcoma for the development of a laser-based preferential cancerous tissue ablation system ICRU - Electrical & Computer Eng Fatima Toor
84 Shannon Loftus Effects of glycerol monolaurate on human B cells REU - Microbiology Jon Houtman
34 Andrea Lynch Can teacher diversity help close the racial achievement and disciplinary gaps in the Iowa City Community School District? Sociology Sarah Bruch
85 Casey Madrigal Understanding the role of cyclic di-GMP in colony decisions of Vibrio parahaemolyticus REU - Microbiology Linda McCarter
86 Kyle Malcolm Revisiting the interaction of a bHLH transcription factor and homeodomain protein in S.cerevisiae Integrated Biology Bin He
87 Brenna Marks Assessing melanocortin subtype-1 receptor as a target for melanoma drug delivery: a pilot study Radiation Oncology Michael Schultz
88 Teresa Mccarrell The bacterial cell wall: localizing enzymes required for peptidoglycan synthesis in the presence of β-lactam antibiotics REU - Microbiology David Weiss
89 Brandon McClellan Immune response to malaria: temporal role of host signaling protein IL-10 during Plasmodiuminfection REU - Microbiology Noah Butler
90 Simon Mendoza The role of Mitf in the development of melanocytes Iowa CURE - Anatomy & Cell Biol Robert Cornell
91 Marlena Merling Role of Chlamydia trachomatis type III secreted proteins in serovar-specific disease REU - Microbiology Mary Weber
92 Kaitlyn Mesa Ibotenic acid lesions to lateral cerebellar nucleus and its effect on cerebellum-dependent learning in mice SROP - Neuroscience Krystal Parker
93 Alissia Milani Lake Michigan ozone study: characterization and sources of airborne particles ICRU - Chemistry Elizabeth Stone
94 Rebecca Miller Inhibition of mitochondrial dysfunction prevents endothelial barrier dysfunction after radiation IDGP - Free Radical & Radiation Biology Isabella Grumbach
95 Matthew Mohacey Formation of titania from a dehydrated template for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution NNI - Chemistry Nathan Black
96 Kathia Morales Synthesis and some properties of metal organic nanotubes and frameworks SROP - Chemistry Tori Forbes
97 Mohammed Moumen Using aerosols to treat respiratory infection SROP - Chem & Biochem Eng Jennifer Fiegel
98 Margaret Mungai OPA-1 deficient skeletal muscle ER-stress increases mitochondria associated membranes through a MFN-2 mediate tethering mechanism LSAMP - Internal Medicine Antentor Hinton
99 Sarina Murray MTDH and GPX4 used in experimental therapeutics for endometrial cancer and triple negative breast cancer PaCaSRT - Obstetrics & Gynecology Xiangbing Meng
100 Carlos J. Nazario Figueroa Reciprocal regulation of Cyp4 and Cyp6 gene expression by the cut homeodomain transcription factor IDGP - Genetics Daniel Eberl
101 Alexis Neyman The glucocorticoid receptor and phosphorylation BSURF Miles Pufall
102 Lynn Nguyen Characterizing the effects of prenatal stress on maternal depressive-like phenotypes and embryonic neurodevelopment Psychiatry Hanna Stevens
103 Timothy Nguyen Identification of novel tumor suppressors in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer by an in vitro/in vivo genome-wide CRISPR screen ICRU - Pharmacology Songhai Chen
104 Moraima Noda The combination of cetuximab and interleukin-1α increases antitumor response in HNSCC Iowa CURE - Pathology Ann Simons-Burnett
105 Chibuzo Nwakama Private mobile app to support personalized genomics for hearing loss IBA - Electrical & Computer Eng Thomas Casavant
106 Ivan Ocegueda Investigating the effect of AAK1 on CD8+ T-cell cytotoxicity Iowa CURE- Internal Medicine George Weiner
107 Bailey O'Hare The effects of prenatal exposure to α-cypermethrin and stress on placenta and maternal liver IDGP - Human Toxicology Hanna Stevens
108 Oreoluwa Oladimeji Understanding the effects of Rho and focal adhesion kinase inhibition on tumor cell motility PaCaSRT - Integrated Biology Christopher Stipp
109 Thomas Osborne Using the vector space model to predict EGC expression in S. aureus ICRU - Microbiology Wilmara Salgado-Pabon
110 Genesis Pagan Cabrera Connections between a Canadian olympic athlete and an Iowan with muscular dystrophy SROP - Biochemistry Lori Wallrath
111 Pooja Patel Analysis of non-homologous end joining pathway through the use of rpa-2, polq-1, xpf-1, brc-2, and ku-70 mutants in C. elegans Integrated Biology Sarit Smolikove
112 Nicholas Peterson Muscular dystrophy and lipodystrophy: changes at the nuclear envelope FUTURE - Biochemistry Lori Wallrath
50 Irini Petros Studies on protein aggregates in the nucleus of Xenopus laevis oocytes Biochemistry Daniel Weeks
113 Ashley Plumb Age- and sex-specific deficits and altered amygdala structure and function in the Pcdh10 mouse model of autism IDGP - Neuroscience Ted Abel
114 Kennedy Poro A Cell model to study FoxO transcription factors in diabetes-induced muscle atrophy/autophagy gene regulation Molecular Medicine Brian O'Neill
115 Ojas Pradhan Formulation and analysis of novel dry powder antibiotic aerosols ICRU - Chemical Eng Jennifer Fiegel
116 Guowei Qi Automating protein side-chain refinement:application to Force Field X ICRU - Biochemistry Michael Schnieders
117 Kael Ragnini Characterization of infralimbic cortex activity in cocaine-seeking and cocaine-abstaining rats IDGP - Neuroscience Ryan LaLumiere
118 Vinamratha Rao Effect of pharmacological ascorbate in radiation-induced wound healing and role of reactive oxygen species SUMR - Free Radical & Radiation Biology Bryan Allen
119 Darian Raymond Liquid crystal templated polymerized ionic liquid properties NNI - Chem & Biochem Eng Allan Guymon
120 Rachel Rethwisch Rapamycin inhibits inflammatory responses in cultured glial cells FUTURE - Pharmacology David Lo
37 Chad Rhym Evaluating the effectiveness of an implicit bias training program in the Iowa City Community School District SROP - Sociology Sarah Bruch
121 Angela Richardson The effect of maternal hypothyroidism during pregnancy on brain development in mouse offspring FUTURE - Psychiatry Hanna Stevens
122 Elizabeth Rivera Rosario Ciliary neurotrophic factor promotes regeneration of cochlear synapse after noise-induced cochlear synaptopathy in mice SROP - Neuroscience Steven Green
123 Alvin Rodriquez Sosa Identification of signaling pathways that effect meiotic progression defects in rpa-2 deficient Caenorhabditis elegans using RNAi knock-down IDGP - Genetics Sarit Smolikove
124 Ariel Roghair Signaling mechanisms underlying beta-adrenergic facilitation of hippocampal synaptic plasticity IDGP - Molecular Medicine Ted Abel
125 Braden Rolig Identification of a neural crest enhancer nearby tfap2a ICRU - Anatomy & Cell Biol Robert Cornell
126 Cieara Rouse Exploiting NADPH metabolism to sensitize lung cancer cells to agents that produce peroxide PaCaSRT - Radiation Oncology Melissa Fath
127 Emily Ruba Photoreceptor development and disease in zebrafish ICRU - Integrated Biology Diane Slusarski
128 Mayu Sakae MPC inhibition combines with breast and lung cancer therapies to enhance toxicity Free Radical & Radiation Biology Shane Solst
129 Laura Salas The New York Young Lords: fighting for public health SROP - Communication Studies Darrel Wanzer-Serrano
130 Imrana Salia Elucidation of the role of inflammasomes in murine B-Cells. PaCaSRT - Internal Medicine Prajwal Gurung
131 Shasa Sartin Representation of Muslim French athletes in French media SROP - French & Francophone World Studies Roxanna Curto
132 Sydney Schellhase Regulation of development of type 2 immunity and allergic branchopulmonary asthma by E3 ubiquitin Ligase Cbl-b Iowa CURE - Pathology Jian Zhang
133 Ashley Segura-Roman Inhibition of endothelial lipase by ANGPTL proteins IBA - Biochemistry Brandon Davies
134 Kalaedra Self hRad52 DNA repairing protein:mutagenesis and expression test SROP - Biochemistry Maria Spies
135 Callie Shannon Adolescent personality moderates pubertal timing effects on externalizing psychopathology IBA - Psychology Molly Nikolas
136 Shadi Shariff Is the contributed by CAMTA1 sufficient to promote TAZ driven transformation Of cells? HCCC - Pathology Munir Tanas
137 Molly Sharp Use of super adherent, non-pathogenic salmonella strains as a probiotic in chicken Microbiology Brad Jones
138 Katherine Shok Assessing how asexuality affects chromosome evolution: using fluorescent in-situ hybridization to map histone and ribosome gene expansions IBA - Integrated Biology Jorge Moreno
139 Willord Simmons Music classroom or prison: unlocking awareness of how traditional music classrooms can restrict creative music-making SROP - Music Mary Cohen
140 Ashley Simpson How is the GEF activity of SGEF regulated by SGEF complex formation? BSURF Ernesto Fuentes
141 Karl Smith International space station experiment measuring charged particle velocity in plasma Physics & Astronomy John Goree
142 Zachary Snyder RAD51 binding peptides: construction, expression, and purification SROP - Biochemistry Maria Spies
44 Shuo Song The black hole as pure geometry Physics & Astronomy Vincent Rodgers
143 Morgan Streyle Effects of age on TRAF3 protein expression in murine and human B and T lymphocytes IDGP - Immunology Gail Bishop
144 Alexandria Sturtz 4-1BB costimulation inhibits humoral immunity and exacerbates parasite burden during Plasmodium infection ICRU - Microbiology Noah Butler
145 Pablo Suarez Beltran Deletion of FoxO transcription factors in skeletal muscle mitigates diet-induced obesity Internal Medicine Brian O'Neill
146 Morgane Tatchoum Sexual health knowledge of individuals with intellectual disabilities IBA Nursing Melissa Lehan
147 Sophia Taylor The geometric origins of dark energy and dark matter ICRU - Physics & Astronomy Vincent Rodgers
148 Xavier Tijerina Assembling the GRB2 signaling complex SUMR - Microbiology Jon Houtman
149 Jose Torres Development of instruments for nighttime imaging of earth from a CubeSat SROP - Astronomy Philip Kaaret
150 Juan Vasquez Precision cerebro-cerebellar networks identified using 7T MRI SROP - Neurology Aaron Boes
147 Patrick Vecera The geometric origins of dark energy and dark matter ICRU - Physics & Astronomy Vincent Rodgers
151 Claire Vinson Improving the reproducibility of SERS detection of uranyl on AO-PAN mats NNI - Chemistry Hoa Phan
152 Trung Vu Characterization of metalloprotease-mediated ectodomain shedding of FGFR family members in cell based assays Iowa CURE - Internal Medicine Thorsten Maretsky
153 Kathleen Wade Analyzing winds and particulate matter around Lake Michigan ICRU - Chem & Biochem Eng Charles Stanier
154 Bincheng Wang The perils of enforcing usage control policies locally on mobile devices Computer Science Omar Haider Chowdhury
155 Hannah Wasserkrug Controlling polymer morphology through photopolymerization-induced phase separation NNI - Chem & Biochem Eng Allan Guymon
156 Michael Westphal OPA1 deficiency in brown adipose tissue prevents diet-induced obesity and insulin resistance ICRU - Health & Human Physiol Dale Abel
157 Calvin Whitaker Examining the exotic calculus of four dimensions using supersymmetry ICRU - Physics Vincent Rodgers
158 Ellen Willhoit Identification of penicillin binding proteins involved in β-lactam resistance in Bacillus thuringiensis REU - Microbiology Craig Ellermeier
159 Arthur Wold Scattered and shattered: identification and zooarchaeological analysis of heavily fragmented molluskan remains ICRU - Anthropology James Enloe
160 Jared Wright Brownian motion and machine learning SROP - Mathematics Palle Jorgensen
161 Amy Yan Transgenic mice expressing a dominant negative form of the NR4A transcription factor exhibit spatial memory deficits Molec Physiol & Biophys Ted Abel
19 John Zbaracki From psychology to physical therapy: a transformative experience applying research principles across disciplines with electromyography and eye-tracking FUTURE - Phys Ther & Rehab Sci Richard Shields