About Us

The UI Graduate College serves the graduate student body, comprised of nearly 5,000 master’s, doctoral, and professional students from over 150 departments and programs.

A focus on excellence

We support graduate education campus wide with policies and resources that help graduate students succeed. To ensure the ongoing high value of a graduate degree from the University of Iowa, the Graduate College reviews degree programs and maintains high standards for curricula and degree requirements.

Graduate College Review

The Graduate College also undergoes periodic review by the Office of the Provost. In preparation for this review, the College prepared a self-study. The Graduate College Self-Study submitted to the provost in December 2015. After an on-campus visit the final Graduate College Review Committee Report was received January 2017. The Office of the Provost provided a letter as a final statement on the Graduate College review.

Graduate Education Task Force Report

Doctoral programs at The University of Iowa administered by the Graduate College were reviewed in an update to the 2009-2010 Strategic Task Force report on Graduate and Professional Education. 68 doctoral programs were evaluated. The results of the Doctoral Program Review conducted during the AY 2015-2016 are now available. The process was completed and the task force report was submitted to Provost Butler at the end of the Spring 2016 semester.

Success services

Through UI Grad Success, the Graduate College offers students access to information, tools, and workshops that help students gain skills they'll need to compete in the job market, expand their career options, and develop their professional networks.

An emphasis on interdisciplinary research and creative work

Interdisciplinary research is seen by many higher education experts as the future of graduate education and the professoriate. The Graduate College’s emphasis on interdisciplinary programs helps keep the University of Iowa in the forefront of graduate education nationwide.

The Graduate College oversees 12 departments and programs, providing an academic home for groundbreaking interdisciplinary work across the UI campus.

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