Annual Report 2012


The Graduate College encourages public engagement and service learning to explore broad frontiers of knowledge and investigate complex ideas and problems that impact the public. The graduate students and faculty featured here engage the public and research ways to solve pressing problems for society.

Service through Public Engagement Research

Service through the Graduate Student Senate

The Graduate Student Sentate (GSS) is the primary representative, administrative, and service organization for the graduate students at the University of Iowa. It serves as the voice of the graduate student population to the university administration, faculty, and to all other organizations at the University, and within the Iowa City community. It also assists in the administration of resources designated to graduate students, and works to establish and maintain programs and activities of interests to graduate students.

Graduate students representing all academic areas of the campus volunteer their time, efforts, and expertise to make a postitive impact on graduate life at Iowa through service, social, and research activities such as the University-wide Jakobsen Graduate Research Conference.

Highlighted here are three graduate students who have made a difference both in their academic work and in their contributions as GSS senators.