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Request a workshop for Spring 2019

The Graduate College offers workshops that can be requested by student groups (formal organizations or informal groups of students), faculty, departments, or other campus organizations.

These workshops can be a productive addition to orientations, seminars, courses, research group meetings, and more. They introduce students to the basics of professional and career development topics (like application documents, the job search, and more), freeing up faculty to address field-specific issues in more detail.

To request one of the workshops below complete the Workshop Request Form.

StrengthsFinder Leadership: This workshop draws on the StrengthsFinder assessment tool to help students better understand their own unique strengths as leaders in an academic and/or work context.

Improve Your Teaching Through Research: Learn about the three-tier framework (Associate, Practitioner, Scholar) for developing your teaching, while earning nationally-recognized, micro certifications through the national Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL) Network.

Mapping your Graduate Experience: This session explores how to use an Individual Development Plans (IDP) to stay on track, communicate with your advisor, and understand your skills, interests, and values.

Grantwriting 101: Students will learn the basics of where to look for grants, how to craft a persuasive proposal, and how to “think like a reviewer.” Please specify STEM (NIH/NSF type opportunities covered) or humanities/social sciences (ACLS/Mellon type opportunities covered).

Resumes & Cover Letters: Develop effective materials for job searches beyond academia. This workshop will discuss the structure, writing style, and tone characteristics common to successful application materials.

Career Exploration: Learn about the broad range of careers available to PhDs and get useful strategies for connecting with people you don’t know. Students in this workshop will use self-assessments and partner discussion to identify target career sectors for additional exploration.

Please note all workshops:

  • are 60-90 minutes in length,
  • require at least 5 students to attend, and
  • room accommodations reserved by the requester.


Looking for additional help as you prepare your materials for a job or fellowship application? Graduate College can help with one-on-one consulting in our offices in Gilmore Hall and the Medical Research Center. Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Scholars can sign up for up to three appointments per academic semester.

Types of Appointments:

  • Career Consultations: advisors will review your job application materials, including résumés, CVs and cover letters. You will need to provide your materials prior to your appointment.
  • Fellowship Consultations: get detailed and comprehensive advice on your proposal drafts before you send them to the funder. Please send proposals 5 days in advance of your revision deadline for an appointment.

Elizabeth Savelkoul, PhD,

STEM, Health Science, and Social Sciences Appointments

Elizabeth SavelkoulElizabeth Savelkoul, PhD is a Graduate Fellowships Specialist at the University of Iowa Graduate College. Her doctorate focused on evolutionary biology, comparing meiosis genes across the genome sequences of numerous fungi. She now uses a synthesis of her science background and interdisciplinary interests to provide writing feedback, presentations, and resources for both STEM and non-STEM graduate students and postdocs about fellowships and careers. Outside of work, Elizabeth also plays piano for various community theatre productions in the Coralville and Iowa City area.

Elizabeth can assist you with:

  • National fellowships, particularly in STEM fields and social sciences
  • Transferring STEM skills across sectors
  • Academic and non-academic career materials
  • Campus and community resources for graduate students

Brady Krien

Email Brady to schedule an appointment. Please see his hours below.

Monday: 12:00-4:00
Tuesday: 9:00-5:00
Wednesday 12:00-3:00
Thursday 9:00-2:00

Brady KrienBrady Krien is a Graduate Assistant at the University of Iowa Graduate College. Brady is a doctoral candidate in the English department and has taught in the Rhetoric Department and the Writing Center and served as a mentor for CIRTL’s Teaching-as-Research Fellowship. His research focuses on utilizing digital tools to examine networks of environmental writing in nineteenth and twentieth century periodicals. Building on his background in the humanities and social sciences, Brady provides concrete guidance and feedback for fellowship and career applications. In his free time, he bikes, hikes, reads, and writes.

Bradycan assist you with:

  • National fellowships, particularly in the humanities and social sciences
  • Academic and non-academic career materials

Jennifer Teitle, PhD,
Humanities, Education and MFA Appointments

Email Jen to schedule an appointment between December 10-23, 2018.

Jen TeitleJennifer Teitle, PhD is an Assistant Dean for Graduate Student Professional Development at the University of Iowa Graduate College. Jennifer holds a doctorate in Language, Literacy, and Culture from The University of Iowa. She builds and maintains programs that empower graduate students to understand their strengths, build professional networks, and seize opportunities across employment sectors. She’s the co-leader at Iowa’s Center for the Integration of Teaching, Research and Learning (CIRTL), an active lesson to the Office of Graduate Inclusion and the International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS). Throughout her work, Jennifer is an advocate for the importance of interdisciplinary scholarship.

Jennifer can assist you with:

  • National Fellowships, particularly in the humanities and social sciences
  • Career planning, application materials
  • Strengths-based leadership and networking, and scholarly identities
  • Campus and community resources for graduate students