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Elizabeth Catlett

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A six-foot-high bronze sculpture of an elegant woman in high heels graces the entrance lobby of the Iowa Memorial Union. Since 2007, the sculpture has dignified this space, exuding confidence among University of Iowa students who study there.

“I suspect that people walk by and don’t realize what they’re seeing,” says Susan Boyd, Iowa City art supporter and wife of former University of Iowa President Willard “Sandy” Boyd.

"Combined Efforts" engages all in community outreach

By David V. Henderson, Graduate College writer

Janet Schlapkohl gets impatient when people try to praise her for being “so patient.”

“I’m the least patient person I know,” says Schlapkohl, who 10 years ago founded Combined Efforts, a local non-profit theatre group.

stef shuster

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Visit Transcollaborations, a site on working toward (trans)gender justice in Iowa City.

By Lois J. Gray
University Communication and Marketing

stef shuster recalls the frustration experienced when filling out the Institutional Review Board (IRB) application to conduct graduate research.

“It was very formulaic, and so many of the questions were constructed in a binary way,” says the 29-year-old University of Iowa doctoral student in sociology who is conducting research on transgender communities and identities—and whose name is intentionally lowercase.

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Obermann Scholars Southeast Iowa City Outreach is a new online space for local art, journalism, and storytelling that strives to reflect the changing community of Iowa City. The site highlights outreach efforts of University of Iowa faculty and students working in southeast Iowa City through narratives, photo essays, forums, documentaries, and news reports.

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Tim Schoon, University Relations
Alison Sullivan, Graduate College
Alison Sullivan, Graduate College

Natalie Denburg

Older adults are becoming increasingly vulnerable when making real-world decisions about such things as medical and financial issues.

Natalie Denburg, assistant professor of neurology and faculty member in the neuroscience graduate program, researches why this is the case using an experimental gambling task designed to mimic real-world decision-making.

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Lauren Levy

Lauren Levy took a summer trip to Guatemala in 2009 to improve her Spanish. Her goal was to return with an enhanced ability to reach out to impoverished Spanish-speakers in her own community.

However, Levy discovered an opportunity to extend her outreach across borders by establishing a non-profit organization in one of the most impoverished countries in the world.

André Brock

Diversity and ethnic identity were part of everyday life during André Brock’s adolescence in New York City. But he was not forced to confront the realities of his own racial identity until he attended graduate school at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pa.

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Kirk Murray, University Relations

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