ME-CCP Information

Multicultural Education - Culturally Competent Practice (ME-CCP) Purpose:

New students are not currently being accepted into the ME-CCP course until such time as the certificate program review is complete. We anticipate future changes to better address student needs related to the certificate.

The ME-CCP certificate aims to develop culturally competent practice among students, faculty, staff, and community members as they continue in their academic and professional careers.

The rationale for graduate certificate is to provide students, faculty, staff, and community members with an intentional program of study to develop knowledge, awareness, and skills related to multicultural education and to practice in a culturally competent manner.

ME-CCP Goals:

This involves raising awareness of how worldview, values, beliefs, and biases shape how individuals and groups interact, interpret, and learn from each other. The ME-CCP graduate certificate is based on a fundamental belief that there is a need for a proactive and sustained approach to educational reform, advocacy, and social justice.

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