Graduate Faculty Procedures

Only members of the faculty, as herein defined, shall have the right to vote upon or consent to any matter upon which action by the faculty is taken or required.

Meetings of the graduate faculty may be called by the president or the president's representative, the dean of the Graduate College, the Graduate Council or upon written petition of 10 percent or more of the graduate faculty, filed with the dean of the Graduate College and the Graduate Council. Adequate notice is required for any meeting of the graduate faculty.

The presiding officer at all meetings of the graduate faculty shall be the dean of the Graduate College except in the event that the president elects to preside. The secretary of the graduate faculty shall be designated by the Graduate College dean. The secretary shall maintain a permanent record of the business transacted at all meetings of the graduate faculty, send out to members of the faculty minutes of the meetings and advance notices of meetings with agenda as prepared by the dean and the Graduate Council, maintain an active list of members of the graduate faculty, serve as election teller, and perform such other duties as the faculty, the Graduate Council, and dean may request.

A quorum shall be 5 percent of the graduate faculty. Unless the point of no quorum is sustained at a meeting, no action taken therein on items of business listed in the agenda shall be invalid for lack of a quorum. Robert's Rules of Order shall govern the conduct of meetings unless otherwise determined by the faculty at the meeting. Approval of agenda items shall normally be obtained by vote of the graduate faculty members present at the meeting. However, upon the discretion of the dean of the Graduate College and in consultation with the Graduate Council, agenda items may be voted upon electronically by the graduate faculty.