Iowa Arts Fellowships

Iowa Arts Fellows

The Iowa Arts Fellowship (IAF) is designed to help recruit the most talented artists to MFA programs at the University of Iowa. The Iowa Arts Fellowship provides MFA students with a first year fellowship. During this protected time, students will focus on completing their scholarly activities and creative works.

This is a one-year award that includes an $18,500 academic year fellowship stipend plus full tuition and 50 percent of the mandatory fees. Students will be responsible for the remainder of their mandatory and course fees. Recipients of the Iowa Arts Fellowship may not hold other paid appointments (TA, RA, instructor) during fellowship years. The appointing program must provide the remaining years of support.

Typically fellowships cannot be used in combination with any other source of support (e.g., fellowship/scholarship, grant, graduate assistantships, or employment outside the University of Iowa) since the fellowships are meant to provide protected time for the student to advance his/her studies. Failure to report additional employment can be considered in future applications/nominations/continued Graduate College funding for both the student and the department. For more information or to ask for a possible one-time exception, contact the Graduate College. Please direct any questions to: Executive Director of Operations Donna Welter (335-2145) or Associate Dean Shelly Campo (335-2136) or via email at sends e-mail)

Fellowship nominations will be accepted from the following departments/programs:

  • Art
  • Book Arts
  • Comparative Literature - Translation
  • Creative Writing
  • Dance
  • Film and Video Production
  • Nonfiction Writing
  • Playwriting
  • Spanish Creative Writing
  • Theatre Arts


Students must be nominated by their departments or programs. Nominations for the 2020-2021 academic year are due by March 27, 2020.