Ballard and Seashore Dissertation Fellowships

This fellowship program provides an opportunity for Ph.D. students to benefit from a final semester of protected and supported time to focus on completing their scholarly research activities and the writing of their dissertations. A one-time fellowship award will be given for $10,000.

Typically fellowships cannot be used in combination with any other source of support (e.g., fellowship/scholarship, grant, graduate assistantships, or employment outside the University of Iowa) since the fellowships are meant to provide protected time for the student to advance his/her studies. Failure to report additional employment can be considered in future applications/nominations/continued Graduate College funding for both the student and the department. For more information or to ask for a possible one-time exception, contact the Graduate College. Please direct any questions to: Executive Director of Operations Donna Welter (335-2145) or Associate Dean Shelly Campo (335-2136) or via email at

It is expected that students, their mentors, and Director of Graduate Studies will have met and concluded that the students are concluding their dissertation work. The date the committee approved the dissertation topic/proposal (whichever is required in your department) must be provided as part of the workflow application. It is anticipated students are well into the writing process and able to provide an abstract of the dissertation work.

One-semester fellowships will be made annually. Priority will be given to students who have not received other dissertation fellowship support (e.g. CLAS dissertation writing fellowships) and who are expected to graduate in the semester they are receiving this fellowship.

The Graduate College provides a $10,000 fellowship for one academic semester. The fellowship includes a tuition scholarship for two credit hours, 50 percent of the mandatory fees, and a contribution towards their health and dental insurance. Students will be responsible for the remainder of their mandatory and course fees as well as any additional required credit hours.

Recipients of the Post-Comprehensive Fellowship may also be considered for Ballard and Seashore Dissertation Fellowships; however, a minimum of one year must elapse following the Post-Comp Research Award period.

Please consult the Office of Student Financial Aid regarding how the award may affect financial aid packages.

Nomination process and requirements (click here)

Students must be nominated by their departments or programs. Applications for spring 2020 will be accepted from September 12, 2019 to September 26, 2019.