Annual Report 2016-2017

Annual Report

Drawn to graduate school because of their interest in complex, multi-dimensional problems, graduate students work at the edges of societal knowledge. They pave the way for many interdisciplinary relationships, fresh perspectives, and new learning. The Graduate College is committed to supporting these students’ success on their journey through graduate school.

The Graduate College oversees nine departments and programs, providing an academic home for ground-breaking interdisciplinary work across the UI campus. I would like to extend special congratulations to two of these units—the School of Library and Information Science (SLIS) and the International Writing Program (IWP)—that will be celebrating their 50-year anniversaries this fall.

Dean John KellerSLIS has spent half a century training librarians to serve the state of Iowa and beyond. This innovative, interdisciplinary program started the Iowa Teacher Librarian Distance Program, which is offered to teachers who want to earn their K-12 librarian endorsement, and created a Public Digital Humanities Certificate for students with humanities backgrounds who want to gain expertise and credentials to work more intensively with technology.

Over the last 50 years, IWP has brought more than 1,400 writers from 150 countries to Iowa City. These writers in their various ways have introduced us to their literary traditions and reminded us how complex of a world we live in these days.

Below in our annual report, you will read more about what makes these programs truly exceptional. You also will learn about the remarkable research being conducted on campus—work on treatments for cancer, addiction, improved surgical outcomes, and suicide prevention.

As we celebrate the work of our graduate students and programs, I can’t help but reflect back on the return of David Skorton, former UI president and current secretary of the Smithsonian, to the UI campus this past spring. Secretary Skorton gave an inspiring talk about how STEM and the liberal arts nourish each other.

Dr. Skorton challenged us to reflect on the linkages between STEM and the liberal arts, and the value of a balanced education in pursuit of a full and examined life. Dr. Skorton’s timely message reminds me of the critical role graduate education plays in creating better futures; advances that would not be possible without the investment of our generous alumni and friends.

Thank you for your commitment to graduate education — John Keller, Associate Provost and Dean

Graduate Education at Iowa

Annual Report 2016-2017