How We Make A Difference

SROP students in discussion

The Office of Graduate Inclusion is working to build a sustainable practice of inclusion to attract and keep top underrepresented graduate scholars in our 100+ graduate programs. OGI uses an approach that builds community and involves faculty in recruiting and mentoring efforts.

OGI Goals:

  • Increase numbers of underrepresented ethnic minorities in graduate programs.
  • Increase the number of doctoral students among U.S. ethnic minorities.
  • Build community for ethnic minorities within graduate programs at Iowa.
  • Having a presence on campus with a clear message of inclusion and community.
  • Offer support to departments and programs at The University of Iowa that are interested in building, extending, or sustaining their practices of ethnic inclusion.
  • Support a faculty-based effort for recruiting top graduate scholars who are underrepresented ethnic minorities.
  • Provide mentoring and support for students throughout their degree programs.
  • Provide professional/career development and networking opportunities for OGI students.