Available SROP Mentors

Please note that this is not an inclusive list and that reviewing departmental faculty webpages would also be advised.

Anatomy And Cell Biology
C. Andrew Frank, PhD

How Synapses Maintain Stable Function

Andrew Frank
Fang Lin, MD, PhD

Genetic regulation of endoderm and heart development

Fang Lin
Hank Qi, MD, PhD

Epigenetic mechanism on gene regulation in human development

Hank  Qi, M.D., Ph.D.
Tina Tootle, PhD

Uncovering the mechanisms of prostaglandin action

Tina Tootle
Katina Lillios, PhD

Bioarchaeological Analyses of the Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Population of Bolores, Portugal

Katina Lillios
E. Dale Abel, MD, PhD

Regulation of myocardial injury by insulin signaling

E. Dale Abel
Sheila Baker, PhD

Protein trafficking in neurons

Sheila Baker
Charles Brenner, PhD

Molecular Biology of Cancer and Aging

Charles Brenner
Kris DeMali, PhD

Adhesion proteins in tumor cell invasion and metastasis

Kris DeMali
Ernesto Fuentes, PhD

Biochemical and Structural Analysis of Signal Transduction

Ernesto Fuentes
Pamela Geyer, PhD

Chromosome structure and nuclear organization: impacts on transcriptional regulation

Pamela Geyer
Maria Spies, PhD

Effect of mutations in BRCA1 tumor supressor protein on BRCA1-DNA interactions

Maria Spies
Maria Spies, PhD

Mechanisms of DNA repair and recombination: from single-molecule biochemistry to anticancer drug discovery

Maria Spies
Lori Wallrath, PhD

The role of chromatin structure and nuclear organization in gene expression

Lori Wallrath
Daniel Weeks, PhD

Control of embryonic development: Using studies on frog embryos to understand congenital birth defects in humans.

Daniel Weeks
Daniel Eberl, PhD

Genetic and Molecular Mechanisms of Hearing in Drosophila

Dan Eberl
Andrew Forbes, PhD

The effects of human land use on insect diversity and species richness

Andrew Forbes
Steven Green, PhD

Neurobiology of hearing and deafness

Steven Green
John Logsdon, PhD

Molecular origins and evolution of sexual reproduction

John Logsdon
Maurine Neiman, PhD

The advantages and disadvantages of sex in a New Zealand snail

Maurine Neiman
Sarit Smolikove, PhD

Chromosome dynamics in C. elegans meiosis

Sarit Smolikove
Biomedical Engineering
Edwin Dove, PhD

Quantitative Assessment of Autonomic Function in Hypoplastic Left Ventricular Hypoplasia

Edwin Dove, Ph.D.
David Kristensen, PhD

Creating an active, web-accessible interface to access bioinformatics databases

David Kristensen
Chemical and Biochemical Engr
Jennifer Fiegel, PhD

Medical Aerosols to Treat Respiratory Infectious Diseases

Jennifer Fiegel
Syed Mubeen, PhD

Nanomaterials for Renewable Energy Technologies

Syed Mubeen
Eric Nuxoll, PhD

Infection Control on Medical Implants

Eric Nuxoll, Ph.D.
Charles Stanier, PhD

Running the Aerosol Screening Model for Iowa City, and adding nanoparticle-vegetation interaction to the Aerosol Screening Model

Charles Stanier
Tori Forbes, PhD

Development of Metal Organic Nanotubes with unique water transport properties

Tori Forbes
Amanda Haes, PhD

Using Silver and Gold Nanoparticles for Biological and Chemical Sensing

Amanda Haes
Sara Mason, PhD

Predicting aqueous aluminum hydroxide nanoparticle reactivity by quantum chemical simulations


Sara Mason
Chris Pigge, PhD

Synthetic methods for complex molecule construction

Chris Pigge
Elizabeth Stone, PhD

Characterization and Sources of Atmospheric Particulate Matter in Iowa City, IA

Elizabeth Stone
Civil and Environmental Engr
David Cwiertny, PhD

Fabrication and Performance Optimization of Nanotube and Nanofiber Filtration Technologies for Treatment of Impaired Water Supplies

David Cwiertny
Marian Muste, PhD

Laboratory Experiments on Sedimentation Processes

Marian Muste
Computer Science
Juan Pablo Hourcade, PhD

Design of technologies to control voice agents

Juan Pablo Hourcade
Zubair Shafiq, PhD

Detecting Fake User Accounts on Facebook and Twitter

Zubair Shafiq
Educational Policy and Leadership Studies
Ain Grooms

An Exploration of the Recruitment and Retention of Educators of Color in Iowa

Ain Grooms
Electrical and Computer Engr
Anton Kruger, PhD

Development of a Novel Relative Humidity Sensor


Anton Kruger
Free Radical and Radiation Biology
Garry Buettner, PhD

Redox Biology: The balance of free radicals and antioxidants

Garry Buettner
Apollina Goel, PhD

Understanding the mechanism of tumor progression and microenvironment-induced therapy resistance in B-cell malignancies

Apollina Goel
Prabhat Goswami, PhD

Redox biology of the mammalian cell cycle in normal and cancer cells

Prabhat Goswami
Douglas Spitz, PhD

Metabolic Oxidative Stress and Cancer Therapy

Douglas Spitz
Roxanna Curto, PhD. AB

Technology in Literature, Connections between Francophone and Latin American Theatre, and Sports in Global Cultures

Roxanna Curto
David Bennett, PhD

People, Water, and Climate: Adaptation and resilience in agricultural watersheds

David Bennett
Heather Sander, PhD

Urban ecosystems, biodiversity, and people

Heather Sander, Ph.D.
Eric Tate, PhD

Natural Hazards Vulnerability and Water Sustainability Indicators

Eric Tate
David Peate, PhD

Trace element analysis of volcanic and/or environmental samples

David Peate, Ph.D.
Health, Leisure and Sport Studies
Melissa Bates, PhD

Regulation of the Lung Vasculature in Individuals Born Prematurely

Melissa Bates
Nicholas Zavazava, MD, PhD

Human iPS Cell-Derived Insulin Producing Cells

Nicholas Zavazava
Nicholas Zavazava, MD, PhD

Derivation of pancreatic beta cells from skin cells

Nicholas Zavazava
Management Sciences
Qihang Lin, PhD

Budget Allocation in Crowdsourcing


Qihang Lin
Qihang Lin, PhD

A Cost-Efficient Dynamic Crowdsourcing Strategy for Data Labeling

Qihang Lin
Palle Jorgensen, PhD

Mathematics of signals and images

Palle Jorgensen
Mechanical Engineering
Uday Kumar, PhD

Modeling of blood cells and their flow through artificial heart valves

Uday Kumar
Med and Nat Prod Chemistry
Robert Kerns, PhD

Design, synthesis and Evaluation of New Therapeutic Agents

Robert Kerns
Meng Wu, PhD

High throughput screening for probes and drug candidates

Meng Wu
Gail Bishop, PhD

A variety of potential projects are possible, with a final choice being based upon what is "hot" in the lab at the time the student will be arriving, as well as his/her own interests.

Gail Bishop
Craig Ellermeier, PhD

The Production and Resistance to the Cannibalism Toxin in Bacillus subtilis

Craig Ellermeier
Richard Roller, PhD

herpesvirus assembly and spread

Richard Roller
Molecular Physiology and Biophysics
Rainbo Hultman, PhD

Brain Networks of Depression Vulnerability in Female Rodents

Rainbo Hultman
Amy Lee, PhD

Voltage-gated Ca2+ channels in health and disease

Amy Lee, Ph.D.
Ted Abel

Molecular Mechanisms of Learning, Sleep, and Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Ted Abel
Lane Strathearn

Oxytocin and Brain Reward and Stress Responses to Infant Cues is Addicted Mothers

Lane Strathearn
Daniel Tranel, PhD

The neuroanatomical substrates of complex human behavior

Dan Tranel
Stephanie Gilbertson-White, PhD

Mindfulness-based symptom management for patients with advanced cancer

Stephanie Gilbertson-White
Occupational and Environ Health
Hans-Joachim Lehmler, PhD

Metabolism of enviromental pollutants

Hans Joachimi Lehmler
Thomas Peters, PhD

Novel methods to assess nanomaterial exposures in the workplace

Thomas Peters, Ph.D.
Gordon Buchanan, MD, PhD

"Sleep state dependent mechanisms of seizure related death"; "Mechanisms of arousal from sleep"

Gordon Buchanan
Anil Chauhan, PhD

Mechanistic role of fibronectin alternative splicing in thrombosis and inflammation

Anil Chauhan
Martine Dunnwald, PharmD, PhD

Epidermal differentiation, wound healing and cleft palate

Martine Dunnwald
Hanna Stevens, MD, PhD

Psychiatry and Early Neuobiological Development

Hanna Stevens
Siegfried Janz, MD, DSc

Genetically engineered mouse models of human B-cell and plasma-cell neoplasms

Siegfried Janz
Michael Knudson, MD/PhD

Transfusion medicine/Blood banking

Michael Knudson
Andrea Simons-Burnett, PhD

Mechanisms of Chemotherapy Resistance in Head and Neck Cancer

Andrea Simons-Burnett
Aliasger Salem, PhD

Developing Polymeric Particles for Cancer Vaccines

Aliasger Salem
Anne Kwitek, PhD

Genetics of Hypertension, Diabetes, and Obesity

Anne Kwitek
Matthew Potthoff, PhD

Functional characterization of novel regulators of hepatic metabolism

Matthew J. Potthoff, Ph.D.
Stefan Strack, PhD

Signal transduction mechanisms underlying neurological dysfunction

Stefan Strack
Physical Therapy and Rehab Science
Kathleen Sluka, PT, PhD

Understanding the neurobiology of exercise-induced pain and exercise-induced analgesia

Effectiveness of TENS for fibromyalgia

Kathleen Sluka
Hai Fu, PhD

Polarization of radio emission in massive galaxy mergers 

Hai Fu
Jasper Halekas, PhD

Understanding the tenuous lunar atmosphere and its connection to the surface and space environment

Jasper Halekas
Philip Kaaret, PhD.

X-ray and gamma-ray astronomy and the construction of small satellites

Philip Kaaret
Political Science
William Reisinger, PhD

Corruption, informal activity and societal stability in China and Russia

William Reisinger
Psych and Quant Foundations
Stewart Ehly, Ph.D.

Transition planning for students enrolled in special education and home schooling core curriculum

Stewart Ehly
Todd Kopelman

Evaluating Challenging Behaviors Through Telehealth

Todd Kopelman
Shaun Vecera, PhD

The control of visual attention

Shaun Vecera
Edward Wasserman, PhD

Comparative cognition

Ed Wasserman
Sarah Bruch, PhD

Understanding Disciplinary Inequalities and their Implications for Civic and Political Inequalities

Sarah Bruch
Jennifer Glanville, PhD

Interpersonal Trust and Well-Being


Jennifer Glanville
Kate Cowles, PhD

Spatial analysis of cancer incidence data with relationship to environmental risk factors

Kate Cowles
Teaching And Learning
Mary Cohen, PhD

Who needs music? Establishing the extent of music programs across the U.S. prison system

Mary Cohen
Mary Cohen, PhD

Choral singing and well-being

The Processes, Pedagogies, and Power Dynamics of Music-Making in Prisons

Mary Cohen
Theatre Arts
Loyce Arthur, MFA

Community Arts, Arts Education, and Public Engagement: 2013 Iowa City Carnaval Parade

Loyce Arthur
Loyce Arthur, MFA

Caribbean Carnival Arts and Arts Education 

Loyce Arthur
Urban and Regional Planning
Charles Connerly, PhD

Building Sustainable Communities in Iowa through University-Community Partnerships

Charles Connerly, Ph.D.