For Mentors

  • Mentor Survey - you will be expected to complete the survey directly after the summer session has ended.
  • Mentor Allowance ($500) - Funds to be used for expenses directly related to the student’s research project and expenses faculty mentors encur related to the project.

Examples of expenses that are appropriate but are not limited to:

  • Research supplies and reagents used for your summer research studies
  • Purchase of data sets or specimen for student research
  • Books directly related to your research to aid in understanding and completing the research project
  • Travel costs necessary for your research project
  • Printing for poster presentation
  • Academic year student conference participation and presentation (appropriate with remaining funds)

The following are some examples of purchases that are not acceptable:

  • Ipads, computers, hardware and other electronics. In general, computer software or Apps are not an appropriate expense, unless it is deemed necessary for the research.
  • Graduate school preparation material or books will be provided by the program and should not be purchased by the mentor.