Open Doors Graduate Career Conference

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Saturday, April 14, 2018
8:30-1:00 pm
UI Main Library

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Open Doors Graduate Career Conference

Open Doors is a free career education conference for Iowa graduate students and postdocs providing first-person career advice from professionals in diverse fields, ample networking opportunities, career development workshops, and a free lunch.


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What to expect

Throughout the day you have the choice to attend mini-sessions to assist with your job search, set up your LinkedIn profile, or join one of our networking discussions.


Providing short, understandable summaries of your work can help you get hired, win grants, sell ideas, and network professionally. This workshop covers the core strategies for developing pitches, written proposals, websites, social media, and more.

Career Panels

Choose the panel that matches your interests and hear from PhDs working in a diverse array of careers. Panelists will share their insight on finding, changing, and working in their current and past positions.


Quick workshops in areas including; turning a CV into a resume, how to explore potential career options, and leveraging your transferable skills.


How do you start networking? Practice! Our panelists, alumni, and other volunteered will be on hand to help you get some practice talking about your work and career interests.

The Schedule


  • Registration & Check-In


  • Research Communication Workshop


  • Career Panels


  • Workshops


  • Speed Networking Sessions


  • Networking Lunch

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What students are saying

"The conference opened up my eyes to the great many things I can do with a PhD and made me feel more confident I will find a fulfilling job after my PhD."
- biomedical science student, 2016
"After a session ended, I was sitting at a table and [the panelist] came and sat down to talk to me. I was impressed that he sought me out, and was trying to help."
- spanish student, 2017
"I think it will be useful to have some concept of job availability outside of academia while I am still early enough in my career to shape my experience."
- psychological & brain sciences student, 2017
"I got a lot out of the sessions I attended and found it really helpful to answer the critical questions that are not often addressed in our training in graduate school."
- molecular medicine student, 2017