Faculty & Administrators

Professor Kathleen Sluka (third from left) was named an outstanding faculty mentor by the University of Iowa Postdoctoral Association.

The Graduate College serves as a resource for both postdoctoral scholars and their faculty mentors/advisors. We welcome opportunities to partner with faculty and departmental administrators in providing mentor resources for your postdocs, and we will strive to assist you in recruiting postdoctoral candidates to The University of Iowa.

We encourage you to advertise your positions broadly to increase your chances at developing a qualified and diverse pool of candidates.

The Graduate College administers all postdoctoral scholar appointments at the University of Iowa. The Graduate College is responsible for administrative matters relating to postdoctoral education at The University of Iowa.

Standard appointments for postdocs include 50 percent, 75 percent, 80 percent, and 100 percent. Appointments other than these require prior approval. The employer and its departments should not use off standard appointments to avoid paying minimum salaries or salary increases as required. Off standard appointment requests should be directed to Associate Dean Shelly Campo.

Download postdoctoral offer letter template.

For Human Resources questions regarding policies and benefits, please contact Donna Welter (donna-welter@uiowa.edu) in the Graduate College.

Postdoctoral scholars may be appointed as Postdoctoral Research Scholars (FP01) or Postdoctoral Research Fellows (FP02). For a description of these two UI HR classifications, visit the link titled "What is a Postdoctoral Scholar?"

The Graduate College requires that newly appointed postdocs are paid according to the salaries set by the NIH/NRSA salary guidelines. The Graduate College strongly advocates utilizing these salaries. If for some reason you cannot meet this salary requirement, a letter of justification must be attached to the Postdoctoral Request to Hire.

The College is concerned about equity for current postdoctoral scholars and encourages departments to bring their salaries into alignment with new hires.