Graduate Students and Postdocs can receive career services and advising through the Graduate College. It is never too early to get started in planning your career.

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    What skills/qualities do I need for jobs?
    • For academia research/teaching jobs, you will need:
      • Credentials and evidence of your research and/or teaching effectiveness (shown in your CV, research statement, and/or teaching statement).
      • Clearly planned goals for your research and/or teaching program (shown in your cover letter, research statement, teaching statement, and interviews).
      • Numerous other skills that are not explicitly discussed as they would be in a resume but are nevertheless critical to being an autonomous researcher, effective teacher, and involved mentor (links to examples)
    • For careers outside academia, you will need:
      • A combination of technical skills (specific subject knowledge or techniques) and transferable skills (communication, writing, management, teamwork, interpersonal skills). The specific ratio of technical to transferable skills will vary by sector (e.g., pharmaceutical industry research vs. University administration), but transferable skills are almost always required.
      • Evidence that you are effective at using the skills the employer requires for this specific job--have specific examples ready for your resume, cover letter, and interviews!
    • Do I really have to network?
      • Technically, no, but you will miss out on 70% of job openings, first-hand advice from people in your field, referrals for job applications, and many other benefits by not developing your professional network. It is in your best interest to network in whatever format works best for you!
    • Why should I read about careers if I am still early in my graduate school program?
      • Networking takes time--establishing connections with people now will make later job search conversations go more smoothly.
      • Demystifying the process of job ad reading and career exploration reduces stress your final year/semester!
      • Learning new applications and projects other people with Ph.D.s have pursued can broaden your horizons
      • Knowing what skills you need for careers now gives you time to develop those skills and pursue further training.

Explore the expanding job market.

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