The University of Iowa

Alyssa Zwicker



Alyssa is a PhD student in the Department of Psychological and Quantitative Foundations. Alyssa specializes in Pediatric Neuropsychology, where she works with children experiencing complex medical, neurological, and psychiatric disorders. Specifically, Alyssa is interested in patients with acquired brain injury, oncology late effects, neurodegenerative disorders, and neurodevelopmental disorders. She currently works at UI Stead Family Children's Hospital helping pediatric patients and families understand cognitive impairment, as well as collaboratively working to help patients get back to functioning in their daily lives. Her research includes critically evaluating new treatments (e.g. "brain games") that claim to improve brain functioning for patients. This allows her to provide patient-focused solutions that are more likely to be effective in improving quality of life for kids and their families. Outside of her academic life, Alyssa enjoys running, spending time on the family farm, and playing with her dog.