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Elmira Jangjou

Elmira Jangjou

Honorable Mention

The Lived Experience of Postsecondary Students with an On-Campus Food Pantry

Elmira Jangjou is a third-year Ph.D. student at the Educational Policy and Leadership Studies Department. Although she received her B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Agricultural Economics Engineering from the University of Tabriz, her experience in teaching and being around other educators, such as her father, inspired Elmira to pursue a graduate degree in the field of education abroad. Despite the challenges of integrating her degrees to her new field of study, she was driven by a lifelong belief that access to equitable education could be integral to help communities and individuals break the cycle of poverty. After meeting Dr. Broton and becoming inspired by her research on basic needs insecurity, Elmira became interested in learning more about food insecurity in higher education. She conducted a qualitative study to better understand the experience of students utilizing an on-campus food pantry. By adding students’ voices and shedding light on their experiences, she hopes to increase awareness on the issue of food insecurity among postsecondary students, as well as contribute to the overall accessibility of on-campus food pantries. Outside of her academic life, Elmira enjoys spending time with her partner and friends and Skyping with her family back home. She also loves swimming, biking, and painting.

Educational Policy and Leadership Studies
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