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Graduate Programs (Alphabetically)

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This list includes all of the graduate degrees conferred by the Graduate College. Other colleges may confer post-baccalaureate degrees; please check the website of the program in which you are interested to determine whether it confers such a degree.

NOTE: This is an administrative listing of programs. If you are a prospective student, you will find information on current UI graduate programs available and application requirements at our Graduate Admissions website.

Program Degree(s) offered
Accounting M.Ac.1
Actuarial Science M.S.
African-American World Studies M.A.*
American Studies M.A.*, Ph.D.
Anatomy and Cell Biology M.S.2, Ph.D.2
Anthropology M.A.*, Ph.D.
Applied Mathematical and Computational Sciences Ph.D.
Art M.A.*, M.F.A.
Art History M.A.*, Ph.D.
Asian Civilizations M.A.*
Astronomy M.S.*
Athletic Training M.S.*
Biochemistry M.S.*2, Ph.D.
Biomedical Engineering M.S.*, Ph.D.
Biomedical Science Program M.S.*, Ph.D.
Biostatistics M.S.*, Ph.D.
Book Arts M.F.A.
Business Administration M.A.*, Ph.D.
Business Analytics M.S.
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering M.S.*, Ph.D.
Chemistry M.S.*, Ph.D.
Civil and Environmental Engineering M.S.*, Ph.D.
Classics M.A.*, Ph.D.
Clinical Investigation M.S.*
Communication Studies M.A.*, Ph.D.
Community and Behavioral Health Ph.D.
Computer Science M.C.S.1, M.S.*, Ph.D.
Creative Writing Not a degree major
Dance M.F.A.
Dental Public Health M.S.
Earth & Environmental Sciences M.S.*, Ph.D.
Economics M.A.4, M.A.*, Ph.D.
Educational Policy and Leadership Studies Ed.S.1, Ed.D.1, M.A.*, Ph.D.
Electrical and Computer Engineering M.S.*, Ph.D.
Elementary Education M.A., Ph.D.
Engineering and Information Technology M.S.1
English M.A.*, M.F.A., Ph.D.
Epidemiology M.S.*, Ph.D.
Exercise Science M.S.*2
Film and Video Production M.A.*, M.F.A.
Film Studies M.A.*, Ph.D.
Finance M.S.*
Free Radical and Radiation Biology M.S.*2, Ph.D.3
French and Francophone World Studies M.A.*, Ph.D.
Genetics Ph.D.
Geography M.A.*, Ph.D.
German M.A.*, Ph.D.2
Greek M.A.*
Health and Human Physiology M.S.*, Ph.D.
Health Management and Policy M.H.A.1
Health Policy M.S.
Health Services and Policy Ph.D.
Healthcare Management Certificate
History M.A.*, Ph.D.
Human Toxicology M.S., Ph.D.
Immunology Ph.D.
Industrial Engineering M.S.*, Ph.D.
Informatics Certificate, M.S.*, Ph.D.
Integrated Biology M.S.*, Ph.D.
Interdisciplinary Studies M.A.*, M.F.A., M.S.*, Ph.D.
Journalism M.A.*
Latin M.A.*
Library and Information Science M.A.*
Linguistics M.A.*, Ph.D.
Literary Translation M.F.A.
Mass Communications Ph.D.
Mathematics M.S.*, Ph.D.
Mechanical Engineering M.S.*, Ph.D.
Medical Scientist Training Program Not a degree major
Microbiology M.S.*2, Ph.D.
Molecular Medicine Ph.D.3
Molecular Physiology and Biophysics M.S.*2, Ph.D.3
Music D.M.A., M.A.*, Ph.D.
Neuroscience Ph.D.
Nursing D.N.P., M.S.N.*, Ph.D.
Occupational and Environmental Health M.S.*, Ph.D.
Oral Science M.S., Ph.D.
Orthodontics M.S.
Pathology M.S.
Pharmacology M.S.*2, Ph.D.2, Ph.D.3
Pharmacy M.S.*, Ph.D.
Philosophy M.A.*, Ph.D.
Physical Rehabilitation Science M.A.*, Ph.D.
Physical Therapy D.P.T.
Physics M.S.*, Ph.D.
Planning and Public Affairs M.S.*
Political Science M.A.*, Ph.D.
Psychological and Quantitative Foundations Ed.S.1, M.A.*, Ph.D.
Psychology M.A.*, Ph.D.
Public Affairs M.S.1
Public Health M.P.H.1
Rehabilitation and Counselor Education M.A.*, Ph.D.
Religious Studies M.A.*, Ph.D.
Second Language Acquisition Ph.D.
Secondary Education M.A., M.A.T., Ph.D.
Social Work M.S.W.*, Ph.D.
Sociology M.A.*, Ph.D.
Spanish M.A.*, Ph.D.
Spanish Creative Writing M.F.A.
Special Education M.A.*, Ph.D.
Speech and Hearing Science Ph.D.
Speech Pathology and Audiology Au.D., M.A.*
Sport and Recreation Management M.A.1
Statistics M.S.*, Ph.D.
Strategic Communication M.A.1
Teaching and Learning M.A.*, M.A.T.1, Ph.D.
Theatre Arts M.F.A.