Undergraduate Programs

Grad School: Is It For You? helps undergraduate students start off on the right path toward graduate school.

The Graduate College is invested in helping talented undergraduate students develop the skills necessary to excel in their post baccalaureate pursuits.

  • An undergraduate first year seminar course, Grad School: Is It For You?, puts first year students in direct contact with Graduate College Deans and helps them start off on the right path toward graduate education.
  • We also participate in the Big Ten Academic Alliance Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP). SROP is an award winning program designed to provide promising underrepresented undergraduate students with in-depth research experiences. Each student plays an active role in identifying the area of study and finding a faculty mentor to work with. The program helps students explore research opportunities at Iowa that can lead to doctoral degrees.
  • In conjunction with the SROP program, we hold the annual Summer Undergraduate Research Conference where the University of Iowa's most talented undergraduate researchers from programs across campus showcase their work.
  • The University of Iowa offers a variety of undergraduate-to-graduate (U2G) programs. These U2G programs allow talented students to complete their bachelor's and master's degrees in five years instead of six. Additionally, some programs in the Carver College of Medicine enable students to accelerate the pace of their Ph.D. studies.