Graduate Council

2017 Graduate Council

The Graduate Council shall consist of the deans of the Graduate College as ex officio nonvoting members, thirteen members elected from the graduate faculty, and four graduate students chosen by the Graduate Student Senate for one-year terms.

Faculty representation on the Graduate Council shall consist of eleven collegiate representatives and two at-large representatives. One collegiate representative shall be elected by the graduate faculty of each of the colleges of Business, Dentistry, Education, Engineering, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Public Health. Three collegiate representatives shall be elected by the graduate faculty of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The two at-large representatives shall be elected by the graduate faculty as a whole.

The Graduate Council holds meetings every two weeks while school is in session. The Graduate Council serves as the executive committee of the graduate faculty, assisting and advising the dean in the conduct of college business.

See Part 2, Section XVI of the Graduate College Manual: Membership, Duties of the Council, Term of Office for Faculty Members, Presiding Officer, Advisory Committee, Election Procedure for Faculty Members

Graduate Council Members 2018-2019

MemberDepartmentTerm Expires
Barbara RakelNursing2019
Steven VargaMicrobiology/Pathology/Immunology (at-large member)2019
Joshua WeinerBiology2019
Shaoping XiaoMechanical Engineering2019
Kembrew McLeodCommunication Studies2020
Frederick QuellePharmacology2020
Pamela WeselyTeaching and Learning2020
Azeez ButaliOral Pathology, Radiology, and Medicine2021
William DoucettePharmacy Practice and Science2021
Kate GfellerMusic2021
Diane HuberNursing (at-large member)2021
Patrick O'ShaughnessyOccupational & Environmental Health2021
Nick StreetManagement Sciences2021
Student MembersRepresentative for:Term Expires
Emma GabrieleFine Arts & Humanities2019
KaLeigh White (GSS Pres.)Social Sciences & Education2019
Jennifer VernieroPhysical, Mathematical & Engineering Sciences2019
Josh BockBiological & Medical Sciences2019
Ex Officio MembersDepartment 
Heidi Arbisi-KelmGraduate College 
Shelly CampoGraduate College 
John Keller, ChairGraduate College 
Jennifer TeitleGraduate College 
Wendy DangerGraduate College