The University of Iowa


Juan Santana
January 8, 2021

Juan Santana’s dissertation research is the first to establish Myb’s regulator role in transcription and its implications in gene expression.

Alexandra Curtis
December 30, 2020

Alexandra Curtis is interested in making the development process for new treatments and drugs more efficient.

Ryan Tribble
December 30, 2020

PhD candidate Ryan Tribble is being acknowledged for his dynamic approach and dedication to teaching.

Brandon MacDougall
December 29, 2020

Graduate College fellow Brandon MacDougall conducts his research using geographic information systems (GIS) coupled with data collected from camera traps.

Mengtian Chen
December 29, 2020

Mengtian Chen is researching ways to improve speaking fluency in a second language more efficiently.

December 22, 2020

Kelly Clare's artwork titled, “Bread Net” received the Jurors Choice Award at the 2020 MFA Online Exhibition “RAW”, sponsored by the University of Montana.

Debbie Thurmond
December 10, 2020

Biochemistry PhD graduate Debbie Thurmond, director of the City of Hope’s Diabetes & Metabolism Research Institute, studies the inner workings of how beta cells in the pancreas release insulin.

November 30, 2020

Iowa students and faculty are partnering with the City of Waterloo to advance a wide range of initiatives supporting local sustainability.

Banu Gumusoglu
November 30, 2020

Montgomery Prize winner Serena (Banu) Gumusoglu’s research determined that inflammation and dysfunction during pregnancy shapes offspring brain development.