November 28, 2018

Tianlu Zhang’s research primarily focuses on learning to read Chinese as a second language.

Julia Van Liew
November 27, 2018

Julia Van Liew gained skills in the University of Iowa’s Clinical Psychology Program that prepared her to improve the quality of life for older Iowa veterans with chronic diseases.

Muhammad Taifur Rahman
October 18, 2018
honorable mentionPreventing auditory neuron degeneration with an 
anti-inflammatory medicine 
Tianlu Zhang
October 18, 2018
winnerFrenemy: A Relationship Between Native Language and Second Language

Oronde Drakes
October 18, 2018
peoples' choice awardFlooding and Suffering in America

Miriam Janechek
October 18, 2018
Children's Literature and Belief: A 19th-Century Focus

Asif Rahman
October 18, 2018
Social Vulnerability to River Floods in the U.S. 

Timothy Acri
October 18, 2018
honorable mentionBone tissue engineering:
Melissa Airy
October 18, 2018
An Artistic Depiction:
The Power of Community on Pilgrimage

Amanda Mollet
October 18, 2018
“Being invisible isn’t a privilege”:



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