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Transitioning Online

As the University of Iowa moves most classes to a virtual format following spring break there are a variety of resources to help teaching assistants navigate this process including:

Teaching Office Hours for TAs

Graduate Student Success staff will be available for 1:1 sessions starting on March 16th to help you transitions courses, sections, or activities to an online format.  Sign up for 30 minute meetings with Brady Krien (sign up here) or Lisa Kelly (sign up here). 

E-Teaching Webinars for TAs

The Grad Success team hosted a series of webinars about transitioning to online teaching. The videos of the webinars (with captioning) can be accessed through our UI Capture site here. The webinars include:

  • Best Practices in Online Teaching 
    • Understanding how to make good pedagogical decisions while moving a course or discussion section fully online, including the basic terminology and principles of online teaching.
  • Navigating the Process of Moving Online
    • Strategies for graduate instructors to manage the process of teaching online, self-care, and creating boundaries in the online classroom
  • Helping Students Succeed in Online Environments 
    • Supporting students in the transition into online coursework, maintaining classroom community, dealing with issues of access and accessibility, accessing resources, and supporting students in distress
  • Facilitating Productive Asynchronous Online Discussion

 UI Resources

  • Keep Teaching: A collection of curated resources from the Office of Teaching, Learning, & Technology to support teachers through the transition to virtual instruction
  • Keep Learning at Iowa: A collection of curated resources from the Office of Teaching, Learning, & Technology to support students through the transition to virtual instruction.
  • Online Help Sessions: Get individualized help with your educational technology questions or issues.
  • Campus Coronavirus Updates: Stay up to date on the latest campus information about COVID-19 and connect your students to resources and information.
  • University Drive-Up Wifi: Access university WifFi from your car in parking lots at different locations.

ICON Resources

  • Create Groups: You can create groups in ICON for student to do group projects, assignments, or discussions.
  • Create Group Sets: Group sets house the different groups in a course so that you can have different groupings of students for different parts of the course.
  • Create Group Discussion: Group discussions boards can be more effective that whole class discussions and students tend to feel more ownership over them.
  • Modules: Keep content, assignments, discussions, and more organized in your ICON course

 Zoom Resources

  • UI Zoom Basics: Learn the basics of the Zoom web conference software available through the University of Iowa
  • Zoom Overview: Great, short (10 min) overview of how to use Zoom from UI Professor Beth Livingston
  • Joining Meetings: Overview of the process of joining a meeting (can be a good resource to share with students)
  • Share your Screen: Share a PowerPoint or software application to allow your students to see what’s on your screen
  • Breakout Rooms: Split students into small web-conference groups within a Zoom meeting
  • Polling: Use polls to take the temperature of the room and get check for student understanding.
  • Whiteboard: Use whiteboards like you do in the classroom – work problems, brainstorm, and collaborate
  • Waiting Room: Use the waiting room for Zoom office hours to help manage students

UI Capture Resources

UI Student Support Resources

Other Resources