Graduate College Summer Fellowships

This fellowship program provides an opportunity for advanced Ph.D. students to benefit from protected and supported time to pursue their scholarly research activities. It is intended to facilitate completion of the doctoral degree in a timely manner. For eligibility, students must have successfully completed their comprehensive examinations prior to submission of an application for this fellowship.

The Graduate College provides a $4,500 summer stipend plus a tuition scholarship for two credit hours and 50 percent of the mandatory fees. Students are responsible for payment of remaining mandatory and course fees.

Typically fellowships cannot be used in combination with any other source of support (e.g., fellowship/scholarship, grant, graduate assistantships, or employment outside the University of Iowa) since the fellowships are meant to provide protected time for the student to advance his/her studies. Failure to report additional employment can be considered in future applications/nominations/continued Graduate College funding for both the student and the department. For more information or to ask for a possible one-time exception, contact the Graduate College. Please direct any questions to: Executive Director of Operations Donna Welter (335-2145) or Associate Dean Shelly Campo (335-2136) or via email at

Eligible students may nominate themselves for this award. Awards will be based on consideration of the student’s plan of study for the award summer, the student’s progress towards the doctoral degree, evaluation of the student’s graduate academic record, and a letter of recommendation from the student’s dissertation advisor. Departments with 10 or more summer fellowship applications will be required to provide input regarding the priority of their student applicants.

Ballard and Seashore Dissertation Fellowship recipients who have taken their semester of funding are not eligible for Graduate College Summer Fellowships.

Priority will be given to students who were employed as teaching assistants in the preceding academic year. Students may apply for a second summer support period; however, priority will be given to those who have not previously received this support.

Award winners will be required to submit a report outlining the ways in which they used the funds by Friday, August 16, 2019. Continuing students are strongly encouraged to present their research at the 2020 Jakobsen Graduate Conference.

Application process and requirements (click here)

Applications can be submitted from March 1-March 14, 2019. The Graduate College will begin reviewing applications after the March 14 deadline. Students must submit their part of the application materials to their department at least two weeks prior to the Graduate College deadline. Check with your department as soon as possible for their deadlines as well as inform them that you intended to apply.