Dissertation Prize Winners
March 23, 2011

The Graduate College has selected the winners of its most prestigious dissertation and thesis prizes: the D.C. Spriestersbach Dissertation Prize, the Graduate Deans’ Distinguished Dissertation Award.

January 11, 2011

This study confirms for the first time that the amygdala is also required for triggering a state of fear in humans.

Daniel Tranel
December 16, 2010

Researchers at the University of Iowa have pinpointed the part of the brain that causes people to experience fear -– a discovery that could improve treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other anxiety conditions.

MFA in Book Arts
December 10, 2010

A new Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program in book arts will be offered by the University of Iowa Graduate College and the UI Center for the Book, starting in fall 2011.

2010 Mentor Award winners
December 10, 2010

The University of Iowa Graduate College recognized four professors for excellence in mentoring graduate students—Carolyn Colvin, James Gloer, Padmini Srinivasan, and Kathy Schuh—during a ceremony Dec. 7 at the Levitt Center for University Advancement.

Justin Feinstein
April 12, 2010

A new University of Iowa study offers some good news for caregivers and loved ones of individuals with Alzheimer's disease. Patients might forget a joke or a meaningful conversation -- but even so, the warm feelings associated with the experience can stick around and boost their mood.

Dave Bennett
January 7, 2010

The University of Iowa is now offering a graduate certificate in geoinformatics, a field that develops new uses for information technology to address specific problems in geography, geosciences, urban and regional planning, and related branches of engineering.

Dean Keller and Jeff Murray
December 30, 2009

The University of Iowa Graduate College is recognizing four professors for excellence in mentoring graduate students: Ed Folsom, Jeff Murray, Frederick Domann and Constance Berman.

Dan Tranel
December 15, 2009

His graduate students simply call him Dan. Not Dr. Tranel. Not Professor Tranel.

Interoceptive awareness
November 11, 2009

A new study suggests that the inner sense of our cardiovascular state, our "interoceptive awareness" of the heart pounding, relies on two independent pathways, contrary to what had been asserted by prominent researchers.



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