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The University of Iowa Graduate College provides direct support to graduate students from underrepresented and minority backgrounds. We also provide specialized writing and application support for students applying to national competitions and Fellowship Communities to connect faculty, winners, and new applicants. The Graduate College Fellowships Incentive Award offers $400 to support your application efforts for national competitions.

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Preparing for Graduate School

BTAA Big Ten Academic Alliance
Minority Graduate Application Fee Waiver

BTAA Big Ten Academic Alliance
Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP)

National Science Foundation
Graduate Research Fellowship Program
Students apply during their senior year for the National Science Foundation's Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP). This program helps ensure the vitality of the human resource base of science and engineering in the United States and reinforces its diversity. GRFP Fellows Receive: Three years of support; $32,000 annual stipend plus $12,000 cost-of-education allowance to the institution.

Grants for Individuals - Master List of Minority Opportunities


During Grad School

Graduate Diversity Scholarships

The Graduate Diversity Scholarship is presented to graduate students from disadvantaged and/or underrepresented groups in their fields of graduate study. Students must have completed at least one full semester of graduate study at the University of Iowa.

Graduate College Iowa Recruitment Fellowships (by nomination only)

The Graduate College Iowa Recruitment Fellowship Program enhances departmental recruitment packages by offering our most accomplished new doctoral students a stipend supplement ($2,000 per year) for up to five years and fellowship support for up to four summer terms ($4,000 per summer).

Lulu Merle Johnson Fellowships (by nomination only)

The Graduate College’s Lulu Merle Johnson Recruitment Fellowship enhances departmental recruitment packages by offering our most accomplished new underrepresented minority doctoral students: 1) a first year academic non-service fellowship ($20,000), 2) fellowship support for up to four summer terms ($4,500 per summer), and 3) eligibility to be nominated for post-comprehensive fellowships offered by the Graduate College.

ACT Scholars Program
Through the generous support of the ACT Foundation, ACT   offers a stipend covering the academic year only ($20,000 plus full resident–rate tuition (“ACT Scholarship”) to qualified students pursuing graduate degrees full time at the University of Iowa in programs of study generally pertinent to ACT’s business model. Summer support is not provided.

Underrepresented Minority Pre-Comprehensive Exam Mentored Research Fellowship
The Graduate College provides a $4,000 summer stipend plus a tuition scholarship for two credit hours and 25 percent of the mandatory fees. Students are responsible for payment of remaining mandatory and course fees.

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program
The National Science Foundation's Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) helps ensure the vitality of the human resource base of science and engineering in the United States and reinforces its diversity. GRFP Fellows Receive the Following: (1) Three years of support; (2) $32,000 annual stipend; (3) $12,000 cost-of-education allowance to the institution; (4) International research and professional development opportunities; and (5) XSEDE Supercomputer access.

Ford Foundation Diversity Fellowships (predoc, dissertation, postdoc)
Through its program of Diversity Fellowships, the Ford Foundation seeks to increase the diversity of the nation's college and university faculties by increasing their ethnic and racial diversity, to maximize the educational benefits of diversity, and to increase the number of professors who can and will use diversity as a resource for enriching the education of all students.

Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award Individual Predoctoral Fellowship to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research (Parent F31 - Diversity)

American Association of University Women (AAUW) International Fellowships
International Fellowships are awarded for full-time study or research in the United States to women who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Both graduate and postgraduate studies at accredited U.S. institutions are supported. Students from minority populations are encourages to apply.

Soros Fellowship for New Americans
Provides support for new Americans - naturalized U.S. citizen, child of two parents who are both naturalized U.S. citizens, or a resident alien who holds a Green Card. Full support is given for two years of graduate study in the United States. Fellows receive a $20,000 maintenance grant and a tuition grant of one-half the tuition cost of graduate program.

Fulbright and Select International Opportunities
Learn about international research, teaching, and arts opportunities and how to prepare your application. Contact Karen Wachsmuth directly for details.

Point Foundation
Point Foundation empowers promising lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer students to achieve their full academic and leadership potential – despite the obstacles often put before them – to make a significant impact on society.

Mustard Seed Foundation
The Harvey Fellows Program provides scholarships to Christian students who are pursuing graduate studies at premier universities in fields considered to be underrepresented by Christians and who possess a unique vision to impact society through their vocations.

National Consortium for Graduate Degrees for Minorities in Engineering and Science (GEM)
The GEM Fellowship programs are designed to offer opportunities for underrepresented minority students to obtain MS degrees in engineering and Ph.D. engineering and the natural and physical sciences through a program of paid summer internships and graduate financial assistance.

Congressional Black Caucus Foundation
Consistent with its mission to provide educational opportunities to a new generation of leaders, the CBC Foundation demonstrates its commitment by sponsoring a number of educational programs.

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute
Scholarships are awarded to Latino students who have a history of performing public service-oriented activities in their communities and who demonstrate a desire to continue their civic engagement in the future.

Financial Aid, College Scholarships, Graduate Fellowships and Postdoctoral Awards for Hispanic Americans
Covers Puerto Ricans, Jibaros, Boricuas, Cubanos, Guajiros, Dominicanos, Quisqueyanos, South and Central Americans, Mexican Americans, Chicanos, Latinos.

Hispanic Scholarships
A compilation of scholarships from Education Corner. (Last checked 01/18/16)

Guide to Graduate and Professional School Scholarships
Courtesy of By, with The BLACK COLLEGIAN Online and our diversity-committed Grad School Channel Members.

Latin American Educational Foundation
Since 1949, LAEF has been helping students overcome the financial hardships of attending college. Make use of the informative sections below. Please contact LAEF's office for specific questions on LAEF's scholarship application.

Minority Scholarships, Fellowships, and Postdoctoral Awards in Medicine, Public Health, and Related Fields
A compilation of resources by Francisco Alberto Tomei Torres, Ph.D. Focuses on African Americans, Alaska Natives (Aleuts, Eskimos, Inuit), Hispanics (Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Dominicans, South and Central Americans), Native Americans, Native Pacific Islanders (Native Hawaiians, Polynesians, Micronesians).

Morgan Stanley Scholarships Programs
Morgan Stanley provides an array of scholarships for Black, Hispanic, Native American, Women, LGBT populations.

National Association of School Psychologists
NASP-ERT Minority Scholarship Program for Graduate Training in School Psychology

National Directory of Scholarships, Internships, and Fellowships for Latino Students
A compilation of scholarship opportunities by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute. Now available online.

National Directory of Scholarships, Internships, and Fellowships for Asian American and Pacific Islander Students
A 2009-2011 directory provided by the University of Maryland, Asian American Studies Program.

Native American Scholarships and Internships
A compilation by Northern Michigan University. Covers opportunities all around the country.

Scholarships for All Students Regardless of Immigration Status
This list, compiled by the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, provides information on scholarships that do not require a social security number, legal residency, or citizenship in order to apply.

United Negro College Fund Scholarships, Internships, and Research Fellowships
Access to a college education has never been more important for individuals and society!

United Student Aid Funds Access to Education Scholarship
Provides $1,500 to students with an annual family income of less than $35,000. Up to 50% of awards will be targeted to applicants who are members of an ethnic-minority group or who have a physical disability.

Worldstudio Foundation Scholarships
Worldstudio Foundation scholarships allow young people from minority and economically disadvantaged backgrounds not only to realize their artistic dreams, but also to give back to their communities.

Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship
Provides $1000 scholarships to minority students enrolled in one of the technical sciences or engineering disciplines. This scholarship is available to US Citizens and individuals with Permanent Resident visas.

After Grad School

National Postdoc Association (NPA) Diversity Fellowships and Resources

Smithsonian Minority Internship Program
The Smithsonian Institution (SI) in Washington DC awards a 10-week internship for underrepresented graduate students to do museum-related research or work. The Smithsonian (SI) Office of Fellowships and Internships (OFI) offers this program. All sessions are full-time, 40 hours a week in either the summer, fall, or spring.

Minority Postdoc
This web portal on the minority postdoctoral experience features news, articles, resources, and events about jobs, career advice, professional development, funding, fellowships, mentoring, and diversity issues