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Frequently Asked Questions

Figuring out campus and graduate life can be overwhelming.  Make things easier and check out our frequently asked questions (and answers). 

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Connecting Communities: Resources for Graduate Students of Color

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Being Successful at Iowa

So you’ve settled in to Iowa and your program.  Now it’s time to plan for success in your studies and your personal development. 

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Finding Community at Iowa

Learn more about your new community, on campus and off. Find that person, place, or activity that helps make Iowa feel like home.

Graduate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


A Dynamic City

Grad Students Who Are Parents

Navigating Graduate School is an entirely different journey when you’re a parent. At the UI, we are committed to a diverse graduate student body, which includes graduate students with children. We believe that a graduate student parent has a better chance of successfully completing their degree when the student and their department are realistic and forward thinking about the challenges of pursuing an advanced degree and parenthood simultaneously.

Navigating Campus

When it comes to parking, restrooms, accessibility, or finding your classes, these maps should help!

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